Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Time To Fire Mueller and Rosenstein, Mr. President

Dear, Mr. President:

The special elections are over, Mr. President. Time to make the pigs squeal once more.

You already fired one dirty cop, Mr. President. That Trump tagline, "You're fired", is music to our ears. Can we hear those sweet chords again, Mr. President?

As many of us see it, Mr. President, there is no downside to firing these coup de slobs. Oh, they think they are so clever, don't they? Sending them back to Pensionland would only be protested by the parties who will never give you a fair shake anyway. CNN, NYT, WAPO, etc.,  cannot get more partisan or more shrill or more hateful. They were against you from the beginning and they will be against you no matter what. If you want to show compassion for the outraged members of the fourth estate, please send them personalized crying towels with "DJT" embedded in the fabric.

Sorry, Mr. President, I forgot to do that focus group that would indicate how coal miners and steel workers might react to witnessing a roomful of fat cat lawyers being sent home for the summer. Wildcat strikes? Work stoppages? Snipers on the highways? Maybe we should just weather the backlash, Mr. President. If we can endure the giant collective yawn and the inappropriate laughter, your administration could be very promising for all of us.

Deplorably yours,


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