Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rod Rosenstein Needs To Fire Mueller And Dissolve The "Special Counsel" Immediately

This is Rod Rosenstein's moment to prove that he a not a shill for the deep state ruling class. This is the Deputy Attorney General's chance at redemption. He can say that yes, I knew Comey had to go but I underestimated the extent of his duplicity. Yes, I was duped by Comey's manipulations of the press but now I will admit that error and I hereby correct it. 

There is zero evidence that Trump "colluded" with the Russians. The only smoke we see emanates from the mouth of that interminable windbag named Mark Warner. Nor is there a scintilla of evidence that the Russians "hacked" anything. Not the DNC server. Certainly not any vote tallies in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the USA. And there is no evidence the Russians hacked John Podesta's email either.

In the absence of evidence or anything that resemble probable cause, there is zero justification for a special prosecutor. Are you a shill of the Washington Establishment, Mr. Rosenstein? Yes, you were fooled by the news media and high-ranking government officials but so were a lot of honest people. We like to believe there are limits to their treachery, but these nefarious forces have no limiting factor to curb their deceit. Face the facts.

Time to correct your mistake, Mr. Rosenstein.

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