Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nate Silver Gave Ossoff A 70 % Chance Of Winning

This is an item that made my ears perk up. Bret Baier mentioned that Oracle Extraordinaire, Nate Silver, had given Jon Ossoff a 70 % chance of winning the Georgia 6 special election. Huh?

Seeing a pompous, overblown, ridiculous, either woefully stupid or chronically dishonest but always exalted uber-pundit crowned with a golden dunce cap is for own personal catnip. Sleep would have to wait. I would visit visit 538 in hopes of echoing The King Of All Ass Clowns in his own words. Nothing wrong with a little schadenfreude so lang as the right people get schadened.

Oh, but this weary blogger was unable to find what he was seeking. Did the ever-clever Nate Silver scrub his site of his discovered folly? Had the blogger been lead through yet another cheeseless maze? He would retire unrewarded, unable to cast even more aspersions at The Puerile Prince of Prognostication.

Ah, but Pacific Pundit saved the week. He isolated the tweet where Nate The Grate asserted the 70% certitude. Shades of November 2016. This blogger considers himself dedicated but tracking the tweets of every buffoon on Planet Earth is above and beyond the call of duty. Please excuse me if some stupidity escapes my focus.

Hat tip to Pacific Pundit.

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