Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Is It Too Late To Make A Prediction On The Georgia Special Election?

As this is being written, NYT is giving a 1.1 % advantage to Handel. NYT is notoriously false but their election night analysis was pretty accurate last November.

 I have not had much to say about this election because I think it is less a bellwether than the newshounds want it to be. If Ossoff wins, it proves that you can buy a Congressional seat if you have really deep pockets. Ossoff has outspent Handel by about a 5 to 1 margin but third party money partly closes the gap.

If Handel wins, it proves nothing much. Red stays red. Status quo. Should have won by more even with Pelosi and Soros dollars.

Most of the country is trending red except for Georgia and Arizona. These are two states the RNC needs to guard closely.

My prediction: The election results will not match the hype, no matter who wins.

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