Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Brace Yourself For Crooked Cop Comey's Testimony

And also prepare yourself for a lame resistance on behalf of Republicans.

James Comey is a damn good lawyer. Crooked as hell but a good lawyer nonetheless. This is the man who made broad distinctions between negligence and carelessness, two Siamese Twin synonyms. We might respect such parsing of words from a Clarence Darrow, but from a public official who is supposedly fair, impartial and unbiased, it presents a strong case for compromise if not corruption. Obstruction of justice certainly occurred during Comey's reign of terror. The question remains as to whether or not Comey's obstruction of justice rises to a level of criminality.

One myth that needs to be forever shattered is James Comey's Boy Scout image. His financial links to the Clintons are well-established.

Report: Comey’s Brother Works for the Law Firm That Handles Clinton Foundation’s Taxes

Ousted FBI Director James Comey’s ties to the Clinton Foundation and the conflicts of interest that lie there are too close to not raise red flags.

In most places, in most eras, this story would stake its claim on Page 1 and stay there until a Goliath of a news item pushed it off the hill. But this particular story reflects negatively on the Clintons, James Comey, Obama, the DNC and ultimately their silent partners in the news media. Oh and by the way, it does not fit the "Putin Stole The Election From Hillary" narrative. Insert no smoking gun but a lot of smoke cliche here.

It doesn't stop with the brother:

How much money did James Comey make from Lockheed Martin in his last year with the company, which he left in 2010? More than $6 million in compensation

Lockheed Martin is a Clinton Foundation donor. The company admitted to becoming a Clinton Global Initiative member in 2010. 

According to records, Lockheed Martin is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, which paid Bill Clinton $250,000 to deliver a speech in 2010

In 2010, Lockheed Martin won 17 approvals for private contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department. 


From Snopes

The story implied that James Comey’s once having worked for organizations that were donors or had partnered with the Clinton Foundation in some capacity was proof enough that he was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton when his bureau investigated her for her mishandling of sensitive information, and it alleged a conflict of interest due to his brother’s employment in a large law firm that audited the Clinton Foundation. But the evidence offered in support of those charges was nothing more than extremely questionable supposition based on a weak form of guilt by association — all based not on any actual investigation, but on simply collating information deftly “hidden” by the alleged conspirators in online news stories and the Clinton Foundation’s own web site.

Excuse me Snopes, but I thought your specialty was fact-checking, not judgment as to the legitimacy of activities exposed by bare bone facts. There is much more than "guilt by association." To paraphrase Everydem and Everypundit, "there is smoke." In this particular case, there is also fire and a hell of a lot of it. There is a boatload of evidence to suggest a quid pro quo relationship between the Clintons and Comeys was an ongoing event. 

I was glad to see the king of the swamp rats get canned. Now go, Comey! Please, go! Go somewhere and count your money, you dirty cop!

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