Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Will The Dems Embrace Their Identity As The Party Of The Rich And Famous And Conquer America?

What if our overlords were not all concentrated in a half dozen metropolitan areas? What if Tom Steyer and Oprah and Mark Zuckerberg decided to fan out and use their boundless purse strings to effectively buy a few Senate seats, a couple dozen Congressional seats and possibly even the White House?

Tom Steyer might like Arizona as much as California. Oprah could probably get used to Atlanta or Indianapolis or St. Louis. Zuckerberg might just buy the state of Idaho. Mark Cuban could spend a billion or so to wrangle a senate slot or the governorship. Alec Baldwin talked about running for the Senate in Connecticut but they already have two Democrats. Maybe he could jump over to Pennsylvania or Florida or Ohio.

They can't all run for president (The Hill has identified 43 Dem Presidential candidates for 2020, only a few of whom are celebrities.) Katy Perry has expressed political ambitions. Jerry Springer is an old hand at the subject. Matt Damon? Ben Affleck? The Google guys? The Microsoft guys? The Facebook guy not named Zuckerberg who gave $20 million to Hillary's losing campaign? The Facebook COO lady? John Stewart might have grown tired of counting his money all day long.

The Celebrity Party might yet conquer us once and for all.

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