Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MSM Cranks Up The Volume As Old Scandals Resurface

What if bank robbers coordinated their efforts so that they all committed their crimes on Tuesday @ 1:47 PM EST? There are roughly 5,000 US bank robberies per year. Some robbers commit multiple crimes but even if there were only 1K simultaneous bank jobs or 20 per state, many, if not most, of the thieves would not be apprehended. The nefarious choreography would short the system.

Such was the Obama Administration. They flooded the zone with scandal. For brevity sake, we cannot recite all the sins and crimes of a diabolical regime. Even if we place the Obama State Department on a different shelf--the unsecured server, unencrypted messaging, illegal devices, pay for play/play for pay, destruction of evidence, nuclear secrets to name but a few crimes against America--we lay witness to the most gangrenous assembly of human action our republic has ever endured.

Domestic spying, IRS harassment, bureaucratic weaponization, nukes for ayatollahs...we get past the criminal and we can see social destruction on a scale and scope we thought impossible. Rational discourse died during the Obama Administration. Barack and his mindless minions killed it. The Administration corrupted the news media beyond repair and the primacy of truth died in the process. Even pop culture soured during the Obama years. Again, brevity prevents a reading of the entire list of casualties but we will return to the subject later.

Let's examine a few scandals that recently resurfaced. Leading the charge is the cold-blooded murder of Seth Rich. This blog first reported Seth Rich's murder August 7, 2016 and most recently revisited the subject on April 8 of this year. Here is a smattering of Seth Rich material covered at this lowly blog:

1. Is There An Actuary In The House?

2. Assange Does Not Quite Say...

3. Assange Reward

Recently, it was revealed that Seth Rich exchanged 44,000 emails with Wikileaks, not exactly a surprise. As this story was heating up, we were served the bullshit saga of Trump feeding the Russkies confidential intel in the Oval Office. Then we learned of a Comey memo that remains invisible. Turn up the volume!

Shifting gears, I was surprised to see a favorite link site connect to a pre-election National Review video concerning President Obama's use of a private email to correspond with his State Department.


Why would an up-to-the-minute link site call our attention to this video now? Again, given the multitude of crimes and the constancy of scandal that characterized the past 8 years, maybe the linkmeisters had finally gotten around to sort through the toxic debris and hold obvious crimes to public illumination. Oh look, here comes another Putin/Comey story! Divert thine eyes, peasant!

Leastly, and lastly only for brevity sake, we come to the corruption of pop culture via the collaborative action between the DNC and has-been comedians. Stephen Colbert used a crude reference to define Donald Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin. I am not opposed to bawdy humor but I am of the strong opinion that the referenced action better describes Colbert's relationship to John Podesta. How did it taste Stevie? Will you be joining your Podaddy for a slice at Comet Pizza? Such a lovely couple, aren't they?

I digress. Recently, I saw multiple links to Wikileak's revelations that Colbert corresponded with John Podesta and asked for feedback on his show. This is so so so Soviet Union but why is this relatively trivial matter surfacing once more? Probably because it was given short shrift  on the first few cycles. Now that we are once more made aware of the Democrat$ and their faithful prostitutes, rest assured we will again be hit by anti-Trump fairy tales emanating from "The Washington Post" or New York Times".

Nothing to see here, folks. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Don't read the fine print...Hey look! More Russians!

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