Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Is Civil War Inevitable?

Probably. But we might avert violence through self-segregation. I am doing my part in that endeavor.

I am not the only one who seem to think a Civil War is probable. Remember Joe Miller? The up and coming Tea Party guy who beat Senator Murkowski in the primaries but then disrespected Sarah Palin and was ultimately defeated by a Murkowski write-in campaign? This is the first I have heard of his website but so far, so good.

From Miller's "News Editor"

The Establishment’s war against Trump has reached a fevered state. CNN has been producing stories on an almost daily basis claiming that the President has committed felonious offenses. The disgraced ex-head of the Deep State’s intelligence network, James Clapper, disgustingly claimed the authority of the Founders in attacking Trump for “assaulting” institutions of democracy. Pundits are abandoning him in droves. And Republicans of all stripes are attacking the supposed incompetency of the Trump Administration. Trump isn’t getting relief from any quarter.

It’s a set up for impeachment. And maybe civil war.

An exaggeration, you say? Not even close. The vomitous “fake news” regurgitated daily from the Establishment media – sometimes even Fox – is transparent to everyone. Whether it’s stories about how Trump unfairly got two scoops of ice cream or it’s reports on how the 2016 election was hijacked by the Russians, everyone knows a scam when they see it. And this garbage in the media is nowhere close to the quality of past propaganda like the Kennedy assassination or TWA 800. No, this is overt, over-the-top shysterism. Even a grade-schooler can see the gross bias.

Prospects for civil war:

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