Wednesday, May 31, 2017

In Partial Defense Of Kathy Griffin

No matter how disgusting a person might be, there is something to be said for putting one's cards on the table. Kind of like the old black man who was more comfortable with bigots than with liberals because he understood the bigot's perspective. There was no hidden agenda.

Ditto ISIS and others who profess their desire to kill us. I respect their candor. So too, Kathy Griffin. Sure, Griffin is obnoxious but she has always been obnoxious. She has been a shock value for shock value sake kind of performer. She is labeled a comedian (or as we used to say, a comedienne) but she is more a performance artist than a wit. Her objective is more about getting a visceral reaction of any kind rather than spreading risibility. Like Popeye, she is, who she is,

So I have a morsel of respect for Kathy Griffin which is more than I have for Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper, or any other purveyor of fake news. Their intent is to damage Donald Trump and all who support him. They will use falsehood, innuendo and character assassination of every kind imaginable to advance their objective. It's all done without the honesty and sincerity that Griffin brings to the table.

Kathy Griffin might be despicable but if we grade on the curve, she isn't half as bad as the colleagues in the fourth estate. But getting rid of Griffin...that is a good start.

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