Thursday, May 18, 2017

He Fought The Swamp And The Swamp Won

It was a nice fantasy. We thought we had a chance. In Donald Trump we thought we had found the one man who could and would stand up to our overlords. Sure, the odds were against him but the election was also a stacked deck, a rigged system, and somehow this David defeated an army of Goliaths. Maybe he could drain the swamp after all.

It was a tough hand to play. There was little margin for error. That margin, unfortunately, was exceeded.

I have to concede a point. It might be exaggeration to say that Trump's wounds are self-inflicted but he did provide blades to assassins. The public believes strongly in the pervasion of fake news. Donald Trump tapped into the sentiment but never committed himself to maintaining that proposition. If CBS is fake news--and they are--why make them relevant by appearing on "Face The Nation"? Worse than boosting their ratings, Trump legitimatizes their information credibility by his very appearance. He single-handedly brought a fake news organization back to life.

By the same token, why would Trump grant an interview to Lester Holt, a snake who during the first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, insinuated that Trump was a racist? Holt knows full well that Barack Obama invented the "I was born in Kenya" fable and that Obama publicly advanced this lie fro 17 years. To assign racist motives to anyone who might point out this inconvenient truth demonstrates a man contemptuous of honesty and committed to malice towards any and all non-Democrats.

If CNN is fake news--and they are fake news--why is Kellyanne Conway a nightly guest on that network of millionaire prostitutes? Why is Sean Spicer jousting with CNN hacks every day? Why do organizations that print unauthorized leaks that threaten nation security (WAPO, NYT) and organizations that print blatant, sometimes even self-contradictory lies about you and your administration (WAPO, NYT) still have White House press credentials? Always helps to give fake news outlets a huge audience, huh, Mr. President?

I don't care to analyze each Trump appointment but it looks like the biggest mistake of Trump's life was to appoint Jeff Sessions to the office of Attorney General. Sessions is not as smart or tough or noble as he was billed but worse than that, his loyalties are first and foremost, to the swamp we wanted to pave.

Sessions needlessly and senselessly recused himself from all things Russian because he is weak and stupid. He then handed off a witch hunt based on zero evidence to a swamp monster named Rod Rosenstein whe then passed it along a Swamp Worker Union boss named Robert Mueller. The leeches and mosquitos rejoice.

Meanwhile, espionage laws are violated with impunity. if Sessions has tried to plug leaks or investigate the Obama Administration's wholesale domestic spying, he is keeping his actions secret. Are Hillary and her band of thugs and espionage artists being investigated? Oh wait, spineless Sessions recused himself yet again. Is anyone investigating that criminal cartel who among other things, identified ISIS financiers and then accepted millions from the very same financiers? No one? What's Loretta Lynch doing these days? Why not extend professional courtesy to a fellow Swampster and bring Lynch back to the fungal stew she served so nobly?

Will the swamp ever get drained? Maybe. But Trump is not the man to do it and I am not holding my breath for another David to appear. Long live the mosquito.

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