Sunday, April 9, 2017

Syria The Next Iraq?

From fireandreamitchell who is quoting Michael Cernovich and blaming Jared Kushner.

I can live with the one missile strike on Syria, basically to show that for all of Obama’s embarrassments and failures, he is long gone and just an anal wart on history. I do not, and WILL not support a war with Syria. Again, as I said before the missile strikes, Syria is Russia’s problem, not ours. If any country should be on Trump’s radar right now, it should be Iran.
If Trump is going to let Kusher run the war room in the White House and go full George W. Bush on us, then screw him. He will got slaughtered in the 2020 election and Republicans will lose their majorities in the Senate and the House.
Until then, I’ll hold my fire, because at this point it’s just pure speculation. But everyone needs to keep an eye on Kushner.

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