Thursday, April 6, 2017

Strangely Familiar But Worth Repeating

I have read articles that have said this. I have echoed similar ideas here and in private conversations.

But the gist of this editorial is well worth repeating.

But it is progressives’ total rejection of the norm of reason that is the real problem. It’s actually a wholesale rejection of the Enlightenment by those who babble loudest about being enlightened. Facts, evidence, logic – they have determined that these are horrendous obstacles to the imposition of their progressive dictatorship, and they are trying their best to stamp them out. In the place of offering Fact A and Fact B as the reasons to accept Conclusion C, they instead offer Hack Cliché A to lead to Pre-determined Conclusion B – as in “Be Silent and Obey Us.”

A conservative might argue, “Studies and experience show that the government giving free money to people tends to make them less likely to work and causes disintegrating family structures, leading to more poverty.” To which a progressive would respond, “You racist!”
Or a conservative might argue, “History has shown that military weakness and strategic indecision emboldens dictators.” To which a progressive would respond, “You racist!”
 Time to stop pretending that leftists are participating in good faith in what was the old paradigm of American politics. They aren’t, and we can’t go on as if they are. 

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