Thursday, April 6, 2017

Neocon Don Sells Out His Supporters

If we wanted Marco Rubio, we would have nominated Marco Rubio. If we wanted Chris Christie, we would have nominated Chris Christie. If we wanted Hillary, we would have voted for an habitual criminal.

Remember "America First"? Just an empty slogan, huh? It isn't one or two stray statements that had us believing you rejected impulsive foreign interventions and efforts at nation building. You had us believing you would keep us out of foreign entanglements. It was a large part of your campaign. Joke is on us, huh, Mr. President?

I guess the Left does not have a monopoly on selective compassion after all. You are moved by the dozens of or so of civilians recently killed by a sarin attack but indifferent to the tens of thousands slaughtered in Syria by conventional weapons? When it comes to phony ass virtue signaling, you can hold your own with any pompous Hollywood hypocrite.

We have gotten used to the knife in the back, Mr. President. But it still stings a little bit every single time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Was Trump our president during the aforementioned atrocities??
(besides the recent chemical attack)
Answer: NO