Saturday, April 8, 2017

Confirming What We Suspected: Seth Rich Was DNC Whistle Blower!

When Julian Assange offered a reward ($20,000) for the arrest and conviction of Seth Rich's killer, most of us read between the lines. Rich was a Wikileaks source.

Wikileaks released a series direct messages from US alleged “Russian spy” Guccifer 2.0 to acress model Robin Young (according to Young).
In the stream of texts the discussion leads to the DNC leaker.
His name is “Seth”…
** In November Julian Assange said Russia did not hack into the DNC servers.
Direct Messages from U.S. alleged Russian spy @GUCCIFER_2 to actress-model @robbin_young (according to the latter) 

Guccifer admits he is not the DNC hacker.
He says the whistleblower is “seth”

Full story at usapoliticstoday

Let's hope the Trump DOJ provides real justice for the thugs who killed Seth Rich.

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