Saturday, March 11, 2017

Victor Davis Hanson: The Mythologies Of The 2016 Election

I have heard the name, Victor Davis Hanson, many times but I can't say I know very much about him. He is a conservative intellectual, I got that much. Hanson, unlike his colleagues at "National Review" and the stuffed suits at "WSJ" understands and supports Trump. Not coincidentally, he is also engaging and entertaining.

 Hanson makes about a dozen or so points that this blogger still has in the mental blueprint stage. About a dozen or so blog posts that I don't have to write because Hanson is already on it. We have a blogosphere because the intelligentsia miss and miss badly. If there were more Hansons, political bloggers might turn their attention to sporting events and block chains and forex and life.

 Agriculture has kept Hanson grounded. His understanding of root causes is absent in his fallow academics. In this video, we reap a harvest of sprouting wit and fertile insight.

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