Saturday, February 4, 2017

Why Post Obotomy Syndrome Remains Relevant

Recently, a friend asked me if Obama's departure would terminate this blog, a vehicle used to roundly criticize the ever-duplicitous Barack Hussein Obama and his brain dead followers. The answer is no.

 It frustrates me when my objectives are not obvious to the reader. The blog was not christened Bad Things About Barry, although that would be the way Lefties would perceive it. Post Obotomy Syndrome had two objectives: First, to vett an unvetted president and secondly, to understand how smart people could go goo goo over any mortal, especially one as vapid as Barack Hussein Obama.

 I failed in the first objective. Mr. Onionskin remains an international man of mystery. Yes, I know more about BHO than do his willfully blind followers but that is not saying a great deal. The second objective, to understand conscious stupidity and unconditional loyalty, has seen more success.

Barack Obama, for all of his political and executive failures, can claim one enduring "achievement". Barack Obama destroyed civil discourse, if not civility itself. Yes, the Left had promoted incivility before the Obama coronation but it took eight years of trolling by person and by proxy to normalize ongoing expressions of unbridled hate in both word and deed.

Barack Obama has hobbled an economic power with $10 trillion dollars of debt and NOTHING to show for it. This might yet spell demise for the greatest civilization in history. It remains to be seen if we will recover.

On the spiritual plane, Barack Obama's legacy of destruction is much more certain. The Obama years will be remembered for terminated friendships and threads of discord sown into the fabric of families. Rioting, arson, vandalism, mob attacks on women, juveniles, the elderly and the handicapped by Leftist thugs have become daily staples of the news. Violence has been excused and justified and even glorified by the news media. The constant barrage of smears--racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, misogynist, white supremacist--serve to justify the violence. RIP civility. Barry put a plug in your ass.

The vandal becomes a vandal because he cannot build. Helpless in construction, he finds power in destruction. Barack Obama, our first vandal president, might have shorted us in the hope department but he did bring about change. The vagaries of blogging and the fate of this particular blog might be trivial but the recognition of Post Obotomy Syndrome in all of its myriad destruction will remain vital for a long, long time.

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