Saturday, February 11, 2017

Where Have All The Fun-Loving Leftists Gone?

The Left is losing steam fast because they are so damn miserable. In ages past, empty-headed frat boys were lured into peace marches by attractive females waving placards. Whatever else might have been said about yesterday's radicals, they were inviting. They could finesse a pied piper routine and leave their newbie followers craving more.

The Lefties, they were the funsters. When Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman disrupted the stock market by showering money on the trading floor, it was as if Bugs Bunny had come to life. One could see why a young Hillary would abandon her stodgy Goldwater background to follow the blissful. Today, there are no blissful and there is no bliss.

Watch the anti-Trump protest vids. Do you ever get the sense that you are missing out on something? Would you like to belong to such a group? Do you ever say to yourself, "Why can't I be as cranky as those losers?"

 I have talked to quite a few anti-Trumpers since the election. Their anger is only surpassed by their gloom. No joie de vivre here. They are an ongoing reminder that self-segregation is a good thing. A damn good thing.

 How did the Left lose their mojo? Could be the institutionalization of paid activism. When people are rewarded for doing something that is intrinsically rewarding, the motivation can change abruptly. The girl with the sweet voice becomes a diva and don't ask her to sing in the choir ever again. The diva is devoting the rest of her life to spreading misery near and far and if you need more details--talk to her agent.

 The spirit of the Marx Brothers has been displaced by The Chorus Of The Downhearted. The agitators have become the agitated. The Left is one vast collective toothache. Care to join them?

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