Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Rules For Radicals" At

Alinsky's Playbook is on my reading list and I have perused the contents. I can't say I have read it just yet.

We should know how the forces of destruction think. Special Thanks to Frank Brady at Enough.

Oddly, there seems to be much with which I agree with Alinsky.

Another example is today's high-rise public housing projects. Originally
conceived and carried through as major advances in ridding cities of
slums, they involved the tearing down of rotting, rat-infested tenements,
and the erection of modern apartment buildings. They were acclaimed as
America's refusal to permit its people to live in the dirty shambles of the
slums. It is common knowledge that they have turned into jungles of horror
and now confront us with the problem of how we can either convert or get
rid of them. They have become compounds of double segregation — on the
bases of both economy and race — and a danger for anyone compelled to
live in these projects. A beautiful positive dream has grown into a negative

Give this evil man a perusal.

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