Friday, February 17, 2017

On The Differences Between The Cult Of Leftism And The Coalition Of Not-Leftism

We are a divided country and self-segregation will continue if the trend has not already maxxed out.

Leftism, a philosphy that can be summarized in two words--authoritarian elitism--is the world's largest political cult. Leftism might be the world's largest sect of any kind.

The Left is opposed by a diverse coalition unified only by the fear and repulsion of the Left.

For decades, the battle between Left and Not-Left was presented as a conflict of values. I submit that the division is more fundamental than that. It is not conflicting values, it is incompatible mental processes and as such, there can be no middle ground. Compromise with the Left is not possible.

The best metaphor (and the best allegory too, btw) for the Left vs. Not-Left non-conversation is the OJ Simpson murder trial. We can save the allegory for anther time. What we witnessed was a team of prosecutors who naively believed they would win the case if the facts were on their side and they presented them in a cogent manner. For better or worse, facts lost out to STYLE.

Facts mean nothing to a Leftist jury. The Left embraced post-factualism long before bloggers like yours truly identified the mindset (and long before the label was hijacked by Leftist writers.) A strong, if not airtight, case would be destroyed by noise involving DNA, claims of overt racism, claims of covert racism, claims of institutional racism, claims of legacy racism, and most importantly, a silly-ass rhyme delivered by a master showman. We don't need no stinkin facts.

Those who oppose the Left have found ourselves in Martha Clark's shoes. Our naivete would sometimes lead us to disappointment, if not despair. We cannot win with a Leftist jury. They are unwilling and possibly unable to process facts. They are blinded by celebrity and sentiment, usually misplaced sentiment. They can clear their minds of all else and focus on the romantic narrative of a handsome hero returning to his family. Or for that matter, any other narrative their puppeteers dictate.

Barack Obama's one lasting accomplishment is the destruction of civil discourse. When the media choose to advance something as unfounded and ridiculous as "PUTIN STOLE THE ELECTION FROM HILLARY" they are signalling that they will dutifully sow salt in the grave of civil discourse.

Civilization is premised on civil discourse. When that is crushed, we lose our humanity. Our animal nature takes over. Self-segregation will continue and I, for one, am comfortable with the trend. Like the Los Angeles County Prosecutors, we want to win a fact-based argument. Our opponents want to win a war and they have no sense of honesty, civility or even legality. Their sole objective is to destroy us. It is time we recognize our irreconcilable differences.

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