Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blizzards vs Bloggers

They say self-pity makes for bad cinema but does that translate to the blogosphere? Two blizzards plus another minor storm that dumped six inches of snow on my driveway in a span of one week has worn me out. I'll skip over some of the war stories right now. As this is being typed I am mustering the strength (I hope) to shovel the driveway one more time in hopes of getting my car out of the driveway and going to work. I already missed one day this week. Sigh.

Some things just can't wait. I do believe the Left is itching for civil strife, if not a civil war. This blog has not spent a lot of time refuting 9/11 Truthers because the Truthers were promoting the silliest conspiracy theory advanced in my lifetime. Not worth our time.

The 9/11 Truther Conspiracy now surrenders its court jester crown to the Putin Stole The Election Conspiracy.  What is different about this fairy tale is that it is being promoted by the mainstream media, Democrat office holders and stalwarts and it is gaining traction with people who are not usually so gullible. I could discredit the semantic tap dancing in minutes but why bother? Lefties only love the truth when the truth is in their favor.

I am not surprised that the ruling class has continued its war against us long after the election. Ballots are for peasants and peasants must not be allowed to get uppity. I am surprised at the puppeteers' success at recruiting thugs and increasing the throngs of true believers. The Left is emboldened and they are ready to strike.

One reason the Left wants civil strife is because they overestimate their strength. They were shocked at the election results because Leftists only talk to Leftists and they were unaware that there were Americans who do not goose step to their drummer. If they want a fifth quarter rumble, they might be sorry what they wished for.

Do not underestimate the irrationality of the Left. These are pyrotechnic Peter Pans. Do not underestimate the danger they pose.

Now I shovel snow.

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