Friday, January 6, 2017

Will Bikers For Trump Descend Upon DC For The Inauguration?

Michael Moore will be on hand. And Jane Fonda. Soros spawns will be on hand. The Left intends to disrupt Trump's inauguration because Lefties are fundamentally superior to humanity.

A significant characteristic all Leftists share is a resistance to reality. Truth takes a back seat to comforting thoughts because comforting thoughts are more, well, comforting. The Left seems to miss the detail that people elected Donald Trump. Angry, passionate people got the job done.

The angry, passionate people do indeed expect their will to be respected. The elite and the elitists will not extend that respect willingly. That could be yet another miscalculation on behalf of our political class. Despite all the fake news (and few genuine retractions) concerning Trump hate crimes, Donald's supporters have been amazingly restrained. That could change.

There is an effort to bring 2 million bikers to Washington to support and protect the new president. Will they get 2 million? I doubt if they could get 2 million in July, never mind January. But if they only get 200,000 or 20,000 or more likely, 2,000, there could be trouble. If there is bloodshed, we can thank Michael Moore. CNN will blame Donald Trump.

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