Thursday, January 12, 2017

This Press Conference Will Live In Infamy

To say Trump is entertaining is to vastly understate things. He is laugh out loud funny.

I have played this segment about a half dozen times and I am sure I will return to it whenever I feel down. For years we have yearned for someone who will stand up to the bullies in the press. At last, a hero has emerged.

Trump might be the only public figure in American History to be heckled (repeatedly) by the news media. I am not even a tiny bit nostalgic for the days when bold news figures rose from their seats and inquired as to what the president found most enchanting about his journey of personal discovery. This is quality entertainment.

BTW, I chose this vid from an array of choices because RT posted it. They have been accused of delivering fake news but they cannot hold a candle to CNN in that category.

Apologies to RT. It might not matter now that they have shortened their name to RT but I always referred to them as "Russian Times." Their real name was "Russia Today." Now they are just RT. I hope I can keep that name straight.


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