Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sharp But Deserved Barbs From The Z Man

That’s something the liberal media will skip over as they write their re-imagined histories of the Obama years. The other thing they will skip is the very superficial appeal of Obama. He was always just a black guy. Liberal whites and blacks supported him because he was a black guy, not because of anything he said or proposed to do as President. It’s why no one ever quotes an Obama speech. He was always the smiling black guy on the brochure. His efforts to promote Democratic candidates failed because that narrow charm is never transferable.

"The smiling black guy on the brochure." Oh Z Man, I wish I had penned that line.

In the long run, putting an exotic weirdo in the White House will not seem very significant.

When we suffer through the Macy's Parade of hagiographies--a parade that will outlive most of us--a clearer image of a superficial persona will emerge: the exotic weirdo.

The rest of the Obama record ranges from the narcissistic to the pointlessly petulant. 

Actually, Z Man, I have reoeatedly said as much.

Even so, Obama will not go down as the worst president in the post-WW2 era as his legacy is mostly nothing. 

I emphatically disagree. The doubling of the national debt sets the stage for economic and social collapse. 

Also, the we can thank BO for his seeds of discord that have divided families and terminated friendships.

Once the people who lived through are gone, no one will have any reason to talk about the first black president, other than on whatever day his cult venerates him. That’s the funny thing about being the first to do anything. Most of the time, being the first is the only thing you did worth mentioning.

What if Jackie Robinson hit  a buck forty? He would still be the first. The similarities between Robinson and Obama diverge at some point.

The reason Obama was a do-nothing President is he was always just a symbol, rather than a man with his own ideas and agenda. The Cult selected him because he ticked all the boxes, with regards to their fantasy of the perfect black guy. He was black, but you know, not really black. Most important, he confirmed all of their opinions about themselves and their ideology. The Cult of Modern Liberalism never cared much about Obama the man, they only cared for as a symbol on their coat of arms.

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