Friday, January 6, 2017

John Corzine Receives The Next Best Thing To A Presidential Pardon

The most corrupt administration in US history continues its chicanery to the bitter end. Interestingly, this news item was dumped on a Friday amid the clamor concerning Vladimir Putin and the chorus of fake news and phony scandals. John Corzine, the mastermind behind one of the largest--and possibly most brazen--financial scandals in US history, walks away paying a $5 million fine and no prosecution.

Why did we hear more about Enron and Madoff than we heard about MF Global? Because John Corzine is a former DEMOCRAT governor of New Jersey and all-around DEMOCRAT big shot of Goldman Sachs lineage. Corzine was no piker. He borrowed (as in I borrowed your car without your knowledge and forgot to return it in a timely manner) hundreds of millions of dollars from MF Global clients.

Note: There are contradictory reports as to how much the Corzine Gang borrowed but we know it was was well into nine figures.

MF Global: One more whitewashed scandal of the Obama era. Lock em up! Drain the swamp!

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