Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How The Washington Post Tried to Hack the Election

The myth that Russia tried to turn the election in favor of Trump only survives if you close your eyes tightly and ignore what the mainstream media did, or tried to do, to help Hillary and destroy Trump. Don’t take my word for it, let’s look at what the Washington Post actually published during the week that started on 7 October, 2016, which was the day the Wikileaks dumped the first batch of Podesta emails. [NOTE–for some reason not all of the hyperlinks appear. I will work on fixing this in the coming day. I have a word document if someone wants the original. Just email me.]

Let me give you the overview statistics. During that week the Washington Post published headlines in which Hillary Clinton’s name appeared 57 times. Donald Trump, by contrast, was mentioned 194 times. On the surface it would appear that the Post was part of Trump’s publicity team. But when you look at the actual articles it is quickly apparent that the Post liked Hillary and hated Trump. In other words, there was a steady downpour of negative articles about Trump, which included calling him a racist and a sexist.

Larry Johnson Crushes The Purveyors Of Fake News At No Quarter

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