Saturday, January 28, 2017

"Frontline" Take On Why Trump Decided To Run

In this era of hyper-bias and hyper-politics it is the height of irresponsibility for a distinguished blogger to pass on an MSM piece without pointing out the ingrained partisanship.

First, kudos once more to the narrator, Will Lyman. Don't ask me why but this blogger appreciates narrative television and is drawn to--if not hypnotized by--the work of Lyman, Edward Herrmann and the incomparable Peter Thomas (sad. Minutes ago I looked up Thomas and learned of his passing in 2016 at the age of 91. RIP Peter.) Good work as always, Mr. Lyman.

PBS. Can we finally defund those sleazy propagandists? Asking the president to produce a birth certificate is labeled as an "attack." PBS has re-established poor poor Barry's victimization and justifies the Pampered One's public humiliation of Donald Trump.

A few comments about Obama's anti-Trump broadside. Obama was, is and always will be a bully. Trump was blindsided by Obama's snarky comments and was not afforded a comeback. No sense of fair play in the Obama years. None. One more act of conspicuous cowardice on the part of Seth Myers and Barry Soetoro. Pussies!

Let's skip over the undignified president and the eight year moratorium of broadcast humor directed at the ruling class in general and King Barry in particular and let's ignore the absence of self-deprecation that characterized Obama's verbally aggressive humor and his cult leader personality that could brook no insult, large or small, gentle or harsh, vicious or playful...let's skip over those trivialities for now.

PBS loads up the Trump experts with renowned Leftists: O'Brien, Remnick, D'Antonio. In fairness, they balance the scale with Roger Stone and Omarosa. And maybe they are correct that Trump's motives are always personal, visceral and superficial but once more, when the Left describes Donald Trump, it sounds like they are talking about Barack Obama.

Oh and by the way, President Obama, for seventeen years you told your literary agents--and by extension, the world--that you were born in what country?


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