Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dems Gear Up For Full Court Press To Set Fake News Narrative

Key priorities for the new DNC war room will be to shine a spotlight on Trump's conflicts of interest with his business enterprises as well as on Russia's alleged interference during last year's campaign.


The above link is an interesting article featuring information that the Dems have leaked elsewhere. They have stated that they will register ongoing conflict of interest charges against President Trump, whether COI exists or not. Repeat a lie often enough and a Leftist will believe it. Hey, it's already worked with Russian "hacking."

Interesting aside. I do like to tiptoe through the MSM garden from time to time when I can bear the stench of their fertilizer. A trend I have noticed for at least a few years now is that at even the most partisan expressions from Pravda-America invite comments that are oppositional if not insulting. NYT, La Times, USA Today, it does not seem to matter. The commenters are not buying the horse shit.

The above article is a prime example of MSM resistance. The Washington Post, in conjunction with MSN (Microsoft News) brings us article linked above. One would think that with that sort of lineage, the article would attract Leftist commentators. Wrong!

Dennis Clouthier ·
Donna Brazile, isn't she the one caught secretly feeding the questions to Hillary for a debate she moderated?

Yup, the democrattic party persists as the most devisive, uncooperative, dishonest, hate-baiting party in the history of the country. No news here.

Jerry Ulin
What's a DNC war room? Padded walls with a diaper changing station and a gun free zone sign out front?
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Rosewitha Martha Boehm
jerry...you forgot safe spaces where they can cry in peace....hahahahahah
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Dave Dubis ·
there are Lego's and Play-Doh in the corner for them!!
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Prescilla Castegna ·
There is different flavored liquid glue for lunch.

Brian Brickley ·
Works at Mad scientist

What, are they going to brain storm more excuses why Hillary lost and Why the middle class fired them ? LMAO Perhaps they can blame the martians this time.
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Dennis Clouthier ·
"Perhaps they can blame the martians this time."
LOL, I miss the Enquirer. They were more honest than the Washington Post. I find the "Batboy" and "Martians give the president the secret to fix the economy" (two recurring Enquirer themes) more believable that what the Post prints.
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Jack Stone ·
nahh,just blame bush !!
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Brian Brickley ·
Works at Mad scientist

Jack Stone
Boy that Bush gets around. He gets more blame than the Russians....LOL.

The above sample captures the dominant tone of reader commentary. Times have changed. The Dems and their MSM megaphones are the only ones who don't realize it.

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