Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Coming Down To The Wire: Will Barry Pardon Hillary?

I suspect BO will pardon Hillary. Make no doubt about it, these two hate each other. They do fear each other, however, and that might keep Hillary out of the Big House.

Somehow, Barry intervened and was able to squash an FBI investigation against Hillary last summer. He might have also intervened last fall. The president did not stick his neck out for the habitual criminal out of love or respect. He did it because Hillary has dirt on him. Why did  he use a private email account to communicate with Hillary concerning classified information? That essential "Why?" has never been explained. Only a fool would be believe it was done in innocence.

BO might wait till Friday just to make Hillary sweat and to distract from Trump's parade. If he does not pardon her, she might testify against her partner in crime when she faces the heat. I for one, will be shocked if Hillary goes unpardoned.

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