Saturday, December 17, 2016


I always link to the original source when I cut and paste. Yesterday, I pasted something, got interrupted and never returned to the footnote. Now I can't seem to find the original source. Anyone want to come to our lost and found department and claim their lost link? Sorry for the unintended plagiarism.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Irony Or Hypocrisy: Unite For America Uses Website Registered In Canada

According to a search on ICANN WHOIS, a website that provides public access to data on registered URL names, was created on Nov. 26 with internet service provider Tucows Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The MSM's Amazing Ability To Control The Narrative

Don't eulogize the dinosaur media just yet. They are still the 8-ton octopus in the room.

Now the narrative is that the Russians "hacked" our elections. Ergo, Hillary is a victim and Trump is undeserving of his victory.

This story could be shut down quickly, but give the partisan press their due. They can and do tell us where to focus our attention. Why is it assumed that the Russians would prefer Hillary over Trump? I hold the strong belief that Russia shares the perspective of every other oil-producing country. They want to make sure American energy stays in the ground. The Trump Agenda threatens the world oil oligarchy. Hillary's green agenda does not.

If Russia has the ability to lift 50,000 emails, I doubt if they want to reveal this to the world. If they possess Podesta and Hillary emails they might want to see her in the White House just for her vulnerability to blackmail. Why would they blow their cover to help Donald Trump?

If the Russians--or anyone else for that matter--does have access to emails routed to and from Secretary Clinton's unsecured server, it is Hillary Clinton's felonious fault. The DNC emails were more likely leaked than hacked. Why else would Julian Assange, a man of limited means, offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Seth Rich?

Were the Podesta emails hacked by Russians? According to Assange, they were not. We should take Steve Pieczenik's comments with a grain of salt but he says that it was US Intelligence insiders who leaked the treasure trove. That seems much more likely both because they are more likely to do so and they had their own motives (like patriotism, for instance) to keep Hillary out of office.

Russia hacking our election? Nyet. Another case of fake news.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Even Sanders Supporters Are Laughing At The MSM And Fake News


President Obama Addresses The Impossibility Of Anyone Hacking Our Elections


The Absolute Best Thing About Donald Trump: He Antagonizes Assholes


Will Keith Olbermann Become Pitchman For Midol?

If you can't stomach Olbermann, I understand. You will not be tested on this material. I admit, however, I find this guy much more bearable when he is having a meltdown.


Judge Jeanine Does It Again

Fox News has made some upgrades since the election, most significantly replacing Never Trump Doofus, Brit Hume with Tucker Carlson. Megan Kelly might jump to CNN. They still have Greg Gutfeld on at all hours but let's take comfort where we find it.

Pirro is as laser-sharp as ever. It is a rarity for a Youtube video to have a 10:1 Views to Like ratio. This video currently is below 4. Unheard of! The most favorable reception I have ever seen!

"New York Times" On NPR

This is painful to listen to but reveals much about the promoters of fake news. I heard this interview in its original broadcast.  On listening to it a second I had to stop it around the 5 minute when the topic of Obama's birthplace came up. NPR and NYT both know Barack Obama himself invented the "Born in Kenya" meme and yet, they call Donald Trump a liar for parroting the original lie. Even this hardened media critic has trouble grasping the audacity of falsehood that permeates the 4th Estate.

Breitbart posts the "Fresh Air" interview in its entirety. This conversation is not for the weak of stomach.

New Parlor Game: Worst Fake News Lists

"It is now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. This is not about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk — lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days and do their jobs, contribute to their communities. It is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly....It is imperative that leaders in both the private and public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives."
Who would have ever realized that the woman who lied about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, receiving classified emails on her private server and about a million other things cared so much about honesty?