Saturday, October 29, 2016

Conspiracy Warehouse Election Sale: Free Delivery! No Limit Per Customer!

Wow! Whatever else might be said about the FBI's decision to reopen Hillary's email investigation, it has done nothing to restore the integrity, the reputation or the public's confidence in a once-respected institution.

Everyone is advancing their own off the cuff motives.

Hillarycrats once more spot that vast right wing conspiracy. Insert canned verbiage here.

More traditional Democrats see something similar. They could have had Biden if Comey had not closed the original investigation a few weeks before the DNC convention.

The Sanders people echo the complaints of the mainstream Dems: We could have made America Venezuela if Comey had advocated indictment in July.

My go to Wikileaks editor, H. A. Goodman, says this is Obama's payback for Hillary's perceived racism in the 2008. Don't know how the 3 AM phone call ad or an undoctored photo of Barry in African garb is racism but as we know, racism is the new McCarthyism. There's a racist hiding behind every Trump sign.

At the other end of the spectrum, John the Realtor warns that we should "watch the other hand." This is a diversionary tactic of some kind.

John is not the only one voicing this warning. Believers in a rigged system simply do not buy the idea that James Comey suddenly found his conscience 11 days before the election. Speculation ensues...FBI mutiny...Comey saw Trump's internal polls and thought he might be indicted for obstruction of justice after Trump took office...It's a diversion from Wikileaks...It's a ploy to ultimately cast Hillary as a martyr.

I would love to hear the input of Edward Klein or Monica Crowley who both like to explain things in Clinton vs. Obama terms. Maybe the president saw internal polls that showed Hillary in trouble and wanted to cut his losses. His action and inaction has once more generated universal suspicion.

Does anyone, anywhere believe this is how an investigation should proceed? As one who recognizes the habitual criminality of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, I am of the strong belief that late is preferable to never. But if Comey thinks he can restore his reputation, the FBI's reputation, the DOJ's reputation. as well as the reputation of the whole system--yes, the whole rigged system--I say he is woefully mistaken. Too little, too late.

We Live In A Horrible Novel No One Would Buy Or Read

Mr. Author:

While "Election 2016" has much to offer in the way of plots twists and page-turning drama, we will take a pass on its publication. Plausibility issues make this spicy novel a challenging read for anyone who understands how the world really works.

Let's start with the billionaire tax dodger who leads a populist movement. Really Mr. Author, is this what a latter-day William Jennings Bryan would look like? This is the man who feels the pains and frustrations of working people? And yet, this jet-setting man of the people is somehow cast as an underdog? You might want to make this Cinderella man a bit more believable before submitting your novel elsewhere.

Also in need of refinement is your Hillary character. Unseasoned writers tend to create villains that are just a bit too evil. Do you really expect the reader to buy a malefactor who is so compulsively nefarious? Is there nothing at all redeemable with this woman? Al Capone was an avid bird watcher. Hitler loved animals. Ted Bundy worked a suicide prevention hotline. Is Hillary kind to her family and the people around her? Can you find nothing to humanize this uber-villain?

Please be reminded, Mr. Author, that politics is an ongoing popularity contest. How then, could a woman so habitually nasty and repulsive be vaulted into the finals of the biggest popularity contest on Planet Earth? The reader could more easily accept Charlie Brown's baseball team winning the World Series.

We're not trying to pile on, Mr. Author, but the backdrop does not seem all that well thought out. Why would a president who failed to deliver an economic recovery, doubled the national debt, inflicted disastrous health care policies, damaged the safety and security of the nation, promoted graft and corruption on a scale never before witnessed, delivered a full frontal assault on the civil liberties of critics and rivals and showed unending sympathy for terrorists be heralded as a popular president? Such is not possible, Mr. Author.

Perhaps you should review how the world works. The news media exist to report information, not to suppress information. In "Election 2016" the press gives carte blanche to the incumbent president and his would-be successor, even covering up the possibility of the incumbent starting World War III to protect sanctioned terrorists. And the truth is only told by an Australian turned Swede turned Brit turned Ecuadorean? Would you include a globe with the hardback edition? Why not just make him an American?

By the way, you can think of no other surname for the perverted character? And this weirdo is a former congressman? And this nice Jewish boy happens to be married to a Muslim woman with terrorist pedigree who just so happens to be the right-hand lady (and possibly something more intimate) of a presidential candidate? And this guy can afford electronic devices but chooses to use his wife's gadget that contains classified emails to expose himself to dozens of  strange women, even "sexting" a 15-year-old girl? You have a good imagination, Mr. Author, but you might consider a few guard rails.

The one character we all love is that bungling Comey fellow, though the similarities to Inspector Clouseau might raise questions of derivation if not charges of outright plagiarism. It is difficult for even the professional writer to combine high humor with high drama. This Keystone Cop morphed into an off-grade Harold Robbins novel might not work very well. You might consider making Comey your lead character in a light-hearted story. That might be more readable.

I hope you take the criticism in the spirit it is intended, Mr. Author. Tolkien, Burroughs, Heinlein, fill in the blank, all invite the reader into a world that is inviting and compelling and ultimately, consuming. Would you want to live in the world of "Election 2016," Mr. Author? I don't think anyone would.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Gruber Returns: Suggests Higher Mandate Penalties.

If you want to frighten me on Halloween, don't show me a ghost or goblin or demon. Show me the ugly mug of Jonathan Gruber. William Peter Blatty will never create anything half as terrifying. Freddie Kreuger is a Teddy Bear by comparison.

( - One of Obamacare's architects, Jonathan Gruber, says the government run healthcare plan doesn’t need to be “fixed” it just needs “a larger mandate penalty.”


Dilbert Redux : Why Scott Adams Supports Trump

I've been trying to figure out what common trait binds Clinton supporters together. As far as I can tell, the most unifying characteristic is a willingness to bully in all its forms.
If you have a Trump sign in your lawn, they will steal it.
If you have a Trump bumper sticker, they will deface your car.
if you speak of Trump at work you could get fired.
On social media, almost every message I get from a Clinton supporter is a bullying type of message. They insult. They try to shame. They label. And obviously they threaten my livelihood.
We know from Project Veritas that Clinton supporters tried to incite violence at Trump rallies. The media downplays it.
We also know Clinton’s side hired paid trolls to bully online. You don’t hear much about that.
Yesterday, by no coincidence, Huffington Post, Salon, and Daily Kos all published similar-sounding hit pieces on me, presumably to lower my influence. (That reason, plus jealousy, are the only reasons writers write about other writers.)

Blatant Contradiction From Bloomberg Concerning Illegal Aliens Voting

Oh, the sorry state of journalism. The highlighted sentence is self-contradictory. If noncitizens (new palatable term for illegal aliens) are allowed to vote, that is the very definition of voter fraud.

“Look at illegal immigrants voting all over the country,” Donald Trump recently claimed in a Fox News interview, part of his ongoing effort to cast doubt on the integrity of the presidential election. There’s no evidence to support the Republican nominee’s claims of election fraud, but some cities are moving to expand voting rights to include noncitizens.

Bloomberg higher and deeper

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Blast From April 2016: Project Veritas


Let Us Say Our Prayers For Julian Assange

If you were a plutocrat in the mold of George Soros or Hillary Clinton and someone held damning information about you that will be released upon his death, what would you do? You would probably neutralize that person's communication while signalling to the world that he is alive and well.

There is something wrong with the Wikileaks picture. Something drastically wrong. Try doing web searches on Julian Assange's mortality. I hope you get better results than I do. Here is the latest crumb of information from, where else, a UK tab.

From the same tab, The Express, we learn that Assange spoke via telephone to an Argentinian computer conference. Julian Assange is among other things, an attention seeker. That is not a criticism, it is a fact. He has a sense of importance and purpose and he has always wanted to get his message out. Assange loves the spotlight.

So it does seem odd that Assange would turn into a wallflower in the weeks leading up to the US Presidential election. It's beyond odd. It's too coincidental to be a coincidence. You don't need a weatherman to know a tornado just leveled your trailer.

I admit my confusion as to how a dead man's switch works and how it is activated. The explanations I receive do not make sense to me. Assange posted some encrypted messages about two weeks ago that I thought was the opening of the floodgates. Not so.

Assange is probably in bad hands and we can hope and pray and demand answers. Meanwhile, something is wrong with this picture.

Michael Moore Explains The Appeal Of Donald Trump


A Project Veritas Video That Got Past Me

This is posted by a third party, as are a lot of Project Veritas videos.

Face it: Voter fraud is pandemic.

Postal Worker Tweets About Ripping Up Trump Ballots

Looks Like Ballot Stuffing To Me


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

H. A. Goodman Reviews Podesta 19

Oh man. I am keeping an eye on the Cubs and I am obsessed with the election but I so wish I could just read emails all day long. Heaven.

In the meantime I rely on the likes of H. A. Goodman to summarize.

Goodman might be a Berniecrat but he is a brutally honest Berniecrat.

Another Ongoing News Story The Media Bury: Anti-Trump Violence

While the mainstream media has been working day and night promoting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, it has largely ignored or downplayed violent attacks against supporters of Donald Trump.

 But assaults on Trump supporters appear to be growing increasingly common as Election Day approaches and tensions intensify. Reports of Trump lawn signs and banners being stolen and defaced are everywhere on social media.

The rest of the story

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Brunell Donald-Kyei: Former Democrat, Supporting Trump "We Want America First Again!"

Obama Conducted Official Business With Private Email

Here’s yet another major development in the Podesta E-mail chain from Wikileaks. It seems that while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she exchanged e-mails with Obama, but without using the legally required e-mail address.


91 % Of Media Trump Coverage Is Hostile

In the twelve weeks since the party conventions concluded in late July, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has received significantly more broadcast network news coverage than his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, but nearly all of that coverage (91%) has been hostile, according to a new study by the Media Research Center (MRC).

Complete Story

In Case You Missed It: Limbaugh Replays NBC's 1980 Election Coverage

Repost: Rasmussen Missed A Senate Race By 16 Points in 2014!

Hey there, anti-Plutocrats. Don't let the negative polling discourage you. Widespread voter fraud might discourage you but Podesta-influenced polling should not.

 I am reposting something from November 6, 2014. To be repetitively redundant and redundantly repetitive, I am reminding one and all that Rasmussen called the Kansas Senate race for the faux Independent over the Republican incumbent. They missed by 16 points.

 Kudos to Rasmussen for not scrubbing their horrible predictions that missed GOP gubernatorial victories in both Maryland and Massachusetts and other bad prognoses as well.

 Thursday, November 6, 2014 Rasmussen Reports Spins Their Bad Results

 Greg Orman/Pat Roberts will go down in the annals of bad polling. Rasmussen had Orman up five points. He lost by eleven.

 When you get past the spin, you will see some bad results by Rasmussen. I only learned a few weeks ago that Scott Rasmussen sold his interest in Rasmussen Reports in 2013.

 Posted by worldsbiggestloser at 8:26 AM

Sunday, October 23, 2016

If Donald Trump Wins, It Will Be As Miraculous As The First Moon Landing And Every Bit As Significant

It would be a small step for man but a giant leap for mankind.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, The Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, the Romneys, the McCains, and every other American political family.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, 90% of Fox News, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Google News, Time Warner not to mention Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, John Batchelor, Erick Erickson, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and anything else considered legacy media or any online content provider.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated the Gulf States plus Iran, OPEC member nations and the many, many foreign countries who donated to the Clinton Foundation.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated social media that have assisted his opponent, web browsers that have shown a bias against subjects that might be unfavorable to his opponent, and a myriad of portals that bombard the email reader with Anti-Trump propaganda.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated the world's premier oligarchs including Carlos Slim, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook to name but a few.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated Silicon Valley.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated Hollywood.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated an army of federal unionized bureaucrats who give mindlessly and generously to the Democratic Party.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated teachers unions that give overwhelmingly to Democratic candidates.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated the leadership of private sector unions who give blindly and generously to Democratic candidates.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated 12 million illegal aliens, many of whom will be voting (illegally of course.)

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated every professional vote-fraud racketeer from Scott Foval to James Creamer.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated virtually every special interest group and virtually every lobbyist.

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated every entertainment vehicle that purports to provide topical humor. Saturday Night Live, every late night talk show, anything topical, is by definition, Anti-Trump (South Park might be the only exception to this ironclad rule but that remains to be seen.)

If Donald Trump wins, he will have defeated the luminaries of daytime television.

It is a stacked deck. It is a rigged system. What has Donald Trump got on his side? People. Average Americans sick of the corruption, the criminality, the desecration of American values, and as hard as it is to fathom that this has gone unchecked, WHOLESALE ESPIONAGE! Will this be enough?

Let us hope that we will see a small step for Trump and a giant leap for Americans.

Has Assange/Wikileaks Been Compromised?

It’s now been just over a week since the Ecuadorian Consulate revoked Julian Assange’s internet access, following the leak of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches. US Secretary of State John Kerry asked for Assange’s internet to be cut off and this was apparently acquiesced to by the Ecuadorian government.
Since that time, the @Wikileaks Twitter account is widely believed to be run by a new voice. Long-time followers of the account have noted the change in tone.
Now Julian Assange’s mentor, Gavin MacFadyen, founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism and a @Wikileaks director, has been announced to have died of an undisclosed cause.
Wikileaks tweeted a statement about MacFadyen’s death, signed “JA” to indicate they are Julian Assange’s words.

Wikileaks Director Dies At Age 76

WikiLeaks director and founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism Gavin MacFadyen has died at age 76. The cause of death is yet unknown. His ‘fellows in arms’ have flocked online to post their farewells, including WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.
We are extremely sad to announce the death of Gavin MacFadyen, CIJ’s Founder, Director and its leading light,” the Centre for Investigative Journalism team wrote on its Twitter.