Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Email To Sam Vaknin Concerning Obama Surrendering The Reins Of Power

Now that it is established that Obama is taunting and poking Russia in the run up to a close election that could spell personal disaster should his party's candidate loses, it might be good to re-examine the personality of a man who would treat the fate of the world in such a frivolous manner. 

We explored the personality of BHO before.  Leading up to that article, this writer contacted Sam Vaknin, a professed narcissist who writes and lectures extensively on the subject. I did ask permission from Mr. Vaknin to publish his response but I do not think he would mind, either. 

November 2, 2014:

Mr. Vaknin:

I blog at Post Obotomy Syndrome. I have embedded your Youtube videos on occasion and I appreciate your insights into malignant narcissism.

Conspiracy-inclined people tell me that Obama will not leave office at the end of two terms. They believe that he will either illegally clutch and hold the reins of power or he will initiate chaos in the form of war or terrorism or possibly even start a civil war.

I used to dismiss these fears but I no longer do so. A man who cultivates his own deification has a sense of grandeur few of us can understand. This man's addiction to adulation is frightening. When a crisis emerges, he performs fundraisers or pep rallies. He cannot even briefly give up the adoring crowds, the flash bulbs, the attention.

Also concerning is Barack Obama's possible inability to separate fantasy and reality. To lie and deceive on such a constant basis when he knows his lies will be discovered suggests something other than a moral shortcoming. Does he believe that his speech creates and defines reality? 

You said there is danger when a malignant narcissist's internal world collides with reality. Do you see a soft landing for America? Do you see a routine transfer of power and an ex-president satisfied with his scaled down status? I respect your opinion on these matters.

Mr. Vaknin responded the same day. I am hihglighting Mr. Vaknin's comments and I am printing the email verbatim with all its many links. 

Thank you for your kind words, William!Above all else, narcissists are cowards. No risk of Obama clinging to power. The risk to rewrd ratio is too daunting.

You can download my e-book about Narcissistic and Psychopathic Leaders (at 
no charge to you) here:

I have written about the psychological make-up of Obama here:

Barack Obama - Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic? (first published in July 

Do You Recognize Barack Obama in These Texts?

Obama's Nobel Prize will Exacerbate His Narcissistic Tendencies

More here:

These may be of interest - click on the links:

Narcissism of leaders and authority figures

Celebrity narcissists

Narcissism and Religion

The Cult of the Narcissist


I am not a mental health professional. Still, I have dedicated the last 12 
years to the study of personality disorders in general and the Narcissistic 
Personality Disorder (NPD) in particular. I have authored nine (9) books 
about these topics, one of which is a Barnes and Noble best-seller 
("Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited"). My work is widely cited in 
scholarly tomes and publications and in the media. My books and the content 
of my Web site are based on correspondence since 1996 with hundreds of 
people suffering from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (narcissists) 
and with thousands of their family members, friends, therapists, and 

More about my credentials here:

"Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" , a work of reference about the
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is available from Barnes and Noble
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Or from my publisher's Website:

Take care.

Sam (Narcissists, Psychopaths, Abuse) (World in Conflict and Transition) (Sayings of Wisdom and Inanity (Malignant Self-love: Narcissism 


Postscript October 23, 2016: I think Vaknin got it wrong.

The Young (sic) Turks Blast Hillary The Warmonger

One More Bad Sign For Hillary

Many of us are dubious about the polls.

Many of us recognize that Donald Trump has high negatives.

What I do not believe is that America will elect a woman whom they believe should be indicted. By a 53-39 margin, likely voters believe that Hillary should indeed face prosecution for her mishandling of classified information. Slightly better than a 4 to 3 margin.

Understand, the referenced Rasmussen poll does not ask about pay for play via the Clinton Foundation/State Department, slam dunk perjury cases and obstruction of justice. There are only so many pollsters and so much time but these things also filter into one's hard drive.

Does America really want a president who needs a pardon BEFORE the start of her term and who could face impeachment the week of her inauguration?

Jill Stein On Hillary: "Too Big To Jail"

Jill Stein's Ringing Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton


Jill Stein Denounces Hillary

"Under Hillary Clinton, we could slide into nuclear war very quickly."

Gaurded Optimism Department

Dilbert Creator Stands By Trump Landslide Prediction

Scott Adams repeats himself in this monologue but we do get the point. MORE GUARDED OPTIMISM

Robot Narrator Poses Interesting Questions About Obama Taunting The Russians At Election Time

Not sure why Michael Snyder uses a robot to deliver his narration. He might have a disability like Steven Hawking. I don't know. Points are valid nonetheless. I do know that 1.7 million truck drivers are about to be replaced by robots and that's the tip of the iceberg.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Ask Me About My Goons

H. A. Goodman Discusses Twitter Outage As Next Podesta Dump Occurs


TYT--Obama Ass Kissers--Protest Hillary's Crimes?


David Seaman: Gaslighting


David Seaman Discusses New Guccifer 2.0 Revelations

This guy could use our support. Huffpo got rid of him when he started writing abut Hillary's health. Google has screwed with his monetization efforts. And this is a great introduction concerning the latest Guccifer 2.0 revelations. SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE

Nothing To See Here Folks. Nuclear War Is Not Newsworthy.

These are all less than a week old and I don't think they repeat any of the three dozen or so postings on this subject at this site.

Silly British Tab

The Nation

Germany Moves Tanks To Russian Border: Morning Ledger

Snopes sets the record straight once more

Before It's News. That's an understatement.

Not 4 Million. 18 Million Invalid Voters


Why We CANNOT! Accept The Results Of A Rigged System


BTW, World War III Is Still Imminent: Michael Savage


From Wikileaks: New Addition To Podesta Box Set

Who knew John Podesta was destined for stardom? I wish I could sort through all of these myself.


WikiLeaks: ‘Corrupt Ruling Power Factions’ Are Going To Win The Election

WikiLeaks suggested in several tweets Thursday that the 2016 election for president of the United States is rigged. In response to criticism from blogger Dan Gillmor that WikiLeaks recent leaks have outed it as picking a side and playing partisan politics in the presidential election, WikiLeaks tweeted back, “You are not a fan of publishing true information about corrupt ruling power factions who will take power on Jan 20?” WikiLeaks then hinted that the outcome of the election was obvious from the outset: “What election? It has been clear from the beginning who is going to win. This is, in effect, a power consolidation exercise.” Read more:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oh BTW, World War 3 Is Still Imminent

Anonymous Brings The Guarded Optimism

Even More Guarded Optimism

More Guarded Optimism

BTW: Project Veritas Vids Both Receiving One Million + Views Per Day.

Oh, and co-conspirator, James Creamer, visited the White House 342 times and met with POTUS 40 times. That's a lot of Easter egg rolls.

James O'Keefe reported earlier this week that turncoat, Glenn Beck, is not returning his call. Too busy focusing on his principles, I suppose. It isn't easy being the reincarnation of George Washington.

Trump's Internal Polling

First, Rasmussen has Trump + 3.

A caveat of guarded optimism precedes this video.

If A Republican Accepts Voter Fraud, He Is Not On Our Side

So the takeaway from last night's debate is that Mike Pence will accept a rigged system and Trump will not.

In the wake of two Peoject Veritas bombshell videos showing a DNC-coordinated election rigging conspiracy, Donald Trump is asked to accept the result of the vote-counting, whatever that might be. Trump demurs.

Finally! Finally we have a candidate who is willing to fight a rigged system for the benefit of the honest voter. Living in New Hampshire, I will likely see my vote cancelled several times over by the vote of an illegal immigrant, a Massachusetts street person bussed into a border town like Nashua, or an out of state student who will vote in the Granite State while also voting with an absentee ballot in their native state. The system is rigged and Donald Trump is standing up for the peasants, pundits be damned.

This is an old story but a story MSM will not touch. Thank you, Donald Trump, for making voter fraud a campaign issue.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Debate # 3.

Hillary won the first debate, Trump the second and this one seemed like a draw.

Hillary to her credit was polished and lawyerly.

Trump did not get sidetracked too often but he could have been more aggressive.

Both candidates stuck to their talking points ad infinitum.

Trump was more in need of a knock out punch but he just didn't seem to deliver it. Still, it was better than his first performance.

Ho hum.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rumors Of Assange's Death Seem To Be Premature.

Gateway Pundit reports that rumors of Julian Assange's death are going viral.

Fortunately, other news sources report that Pamela Anderson brought him a vegan dinner tonight and that he reported that it was "dreadful".

What prompted the rumor is that a "dead man's key" has been activated by Assange. If that is the case, he will be showing all of his cards at once.

Will Our Nut Job Grandiose President Wag The Dog?

Will The Meccachurian Candidate Start WW III To Hasten The Rise Of The Caliphate?

Maybe we should have vetted this guy.



Will Crime Boss Obama Start WW III To Prevent DOJ From Falling Into The Wrong Hands?

But how will nuclear annihilation affect Obama's approval ratings?