Saturday, October 8, 2016

Comparing Apples To Victim Intimidation

I just watched The Billy Bush/Donald Trump video. It will be posted below.

Talk about anticlimactic...It's not like Trump raped someone or succeeded in intimidating the victim from testifying against the rapist. Is there anyone familiar with Donald Trump who is shocked that he has engaged in locker room banter more than a decade ago?

I was never a Trump fan but my image of him improved when he appeared on The Howard Stern Show at about the time he was being recorded by Billy Bush. With Stern, Trump came across as fun and funny. And yes, he was bawdy.

If this is a counterbalance to the Podesta leaks, we are all in trouble. Trump has a couple of bone chips in his closet. Hillary's closet can't hold all of her skeletons. That there is even the suggestion of equivalency displays huge bias.


Friday, October 7, 2016

The Clintons' War On Women

If the Limbaughs had emphasized Broaddrick and Willey instead of Lewinsky, history might have changed drastically. Instead of going after the matador, they attacked the cape (or in this case, the blue dress.)

The New Face Of The Democratic Party

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Even The Associated Press Puts Down The Kool-Aid Funnel

Barack Obama might not have deserved his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize? Who could spew such racist hate speech? More verbiage from the basket of deplorables?

By some sobering measures, the case for Obama the peacemaker is difficult to make. Analysts who track conflict, refugee populations, terrorist attacks and political upheaval say the world has only become less peaceful during Obama's tenure, a trend that began just before he took office.
Instances of terrorism have peaked, deaths in battle around the world are at a 25-year high, and the number of refugees and displaced people has reached a level not seen in sixty years, according to the 2016 Global Peace Index, a report on international stability produced by the nonpartisan think-tank the Institute for Economic and Peace. The researchers attributed the trends to the expanded warfare in the Middle East and North Africa and broad ripples across the region and in Europe.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Is Karma Catching Up To The Clintons?

Karma might be getting old. Takes him a while to catch up with the young and nimble. Than again, Bill Clinton is no longer young nor nimble.

I am pleased that people are showing support for Jaunita Broaddrick. At last, her story is being told.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Who Needs Assange? Guccifer 2.0 Delivers (Or Did He?)


Read em and weep!

Oh and remember those TARP funds? A percentage of them got plowed back to Democrat candidates.

In fairness, some of these docs look a bit dusty. One has Congressman Castle listed and he was primaried in 2010. 

Equal time for Clintonistas who deny Guccifer 2.0's alleged hack. :

The Myth Of Different Perspectives And A Referendum On The Ruling Class

Originally I was going to reference a recent article in "Time" that covers late night comedy getting morphed into overt political propaganda. I scanned the article in the chiropractor's office before my number was called. What seemed interesting was that finally, the MSM admitted to the mass politicization of popular culture. Comedy used to mean that which makes us laugh. Now it means cheering for the ruling class.

Unfortunately, one has to be a subscriber to view  "Time" articles and I do not recommend that any more than I would advise one to buy a hard copy of what is usually a waste of paper. Here is a link that addresses the article:

This election does not fit the hackneyed narrative of left vs. right/liberal vs. conservative. Not that most elections fit that model, but it provided a narrative cliche and our media need their simplisms. This election is about class warfare. We are seeing the interests of the political class pitted against the interests of the politically disconnected. That's the struggle.

When Angelo Codevilla wrote his seminal piece in "The American Spectator" a lot of us took time to reflect. That was six years ago and just about everything that's happened since then confirms Codevilla's perspective on the political class. George Will, Mitt Romney, the Bush Family to name but a few GOP stalwarts, have thrown their support to Hillary. Not one Fortune 100 executive is endorsing Trump. Meanwhile, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Facebook, Google, Hollywood, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Michael Bloomberg...the list of politically-sanctioned Hillary supporters reads like a "Who's Who In Overlords".

Codevilla's piece hit home not because it was revolutionary, but because it clarified and confirmed what we already knew. Many of us already saw the struggle between Insiders and outsiders. Codevilla stuck it in our faces. By now, almost everyone sees political struggle from a similar perspective. The gulf is between those of us who root against the ruling class and those who wave the pennant for American Royalty.

John Stewart, Lester Holt, Seth Meyers, every late night propaganda host, every sanctioned showbiz fixture, view America through the same lens we do. They have pledged their loyalty to our social superiors and they will live richly ever after. These people no longer have to sweat the small stuff like mortgages and health insurance and job security. We might do the same thing if we were in their shoes.

We hear a lot about cultural divides but our perspectives have never been so similar. There is not much talk about policy and ideology this time around. Intellectually, we all see this election as a referendum on the ruling class. Viscerally, we either support the entrenched powers or we resist them. That is the gulf that divides our country.

Alex Jones On Julian Assange


Have James Comey And Julian Assange Ever Been Photographed Together?

Let's check Comey's schedule. Maybe the balcony announcement conflicted with his public appearance somewhere else today. Better roll out a video of Julian Comey addressing his fans the world over.

I am glad I did not set my alarm for Wikifizzle. Hillary is not the only one who might see Asssange taken out with a drone strike. Good thing Roger Stone doesn't have his finger on the trigger. It might be getting a bit itchy about now.

Whatever Assange has on Hillary, it will resonate about as well as all of those one-liners Trump delivered AFTER the debate. Too little, too late.

Will the Ecuadorean Embassy proceed with an eviction notice? It's one thing to house an international freedom fighter and quite another to provide lodging for the second coming of Kato Kaelin. Speaking of Kato, he seems to be keeping a low profile these days. Has he ever been seen in the company of Julain Assange? Hmmmm.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Update: Assange Cancels Balcony Announcement

Citing security concerns, Julian Assange has cancelled his silly ass balcony announcement. I for one can do without the pomp and drama. Just show your damn cards, Rapunzel!

Is Assange Bluffing?

An October Surprise is supposed to be delivered right before the election so as to be fresh in the voter's mind and to not allow for rebuttal or counter-spin. In 2000, the Gore Campaign delivered a November surprise on George Bush, revealing a long-obscured drunken driving offense the weekend before the election. It probably damaged Bush's campaign and might have cost him the popular vote.

If Assange has airtight documents that will destroy Hillary, he should have released them a long time ago. Crooked Comey has set the bar of prosecution to a height never before imagined. He has before him, enough evidence to convict Hillary of data security violations, influence peddling and even, quite possibly, espionage. Still, he refuses to recommend prosecution.

Had Assange delivered a bombshell, Congress could have acted to demand a special prosecutor. Now, they are in recess so they can hit the campaign trail. Nothing, as in absolute zero, would ever force Loretta Lynch to do her job. She has already earned herself induction into the Political Corruption Hall of Fame. The media will gloss over the accusations, no matter how horrendous they might be, and Hillary will run out the clock. Checkmate.

Assange might have been using the threats as a bargaining chip to escape prosecution on espionage and trumped up sexual assault charges. He might not have that ace in the hole after all. If he does show his cards and they are worth viewing, the revelation will be met by a canned response of "At this point, what difference does it make?"  Electorally, probably none.