Friday, September 16, 2016

Repost From 6/19/15: The Birther Hoax

There is much more to say on this subject but until I can grab a few minutes to do so, I repost some comments following the Charleston massacre where the usual pundits blamed a racist conspiracy evidenced by accusations that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.


The birther story is one of the greatest stories never told.

It goes a little something like this:

1. Barack Obama claims to be of Kenyan birth and nurtures that falsehood for 17 years.

2. Barack Obama launches a presidential campaign and scrubs his own "born in Kenya" meme. All parties associated with Obama's literary agency practice an oath of Omerta that is still in effect today.

3. Disgruntled Hillary supporter and Democratic stalwart, Phikip Berg echoes Barack Obama's claim that he was born in Kenya. He also raises the more significant possibility that Barack Obama might have lost his US citizenship when he was adopted by a foreign national. Poetically, at about the age of majority, the Birther Meme leaves its idyllic childhood behind to enter an often hostile adult world.

4. The Birther Movement gains support from "the fringe" as mainstreamers including the likes of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin treat the Birther subject like it is radioactive.  Meanwhile Obama Loyalists like David Gregory attack Republicans with ficticious accusations of promoting the Birther Meme.

5. Obama and his loyalists continue to relentlessly promote the president's victimization by any and all who might repeat his lie that he was born in Kenya. More significantly, they ditect their rage against parties who are too cowardly to even examine the subject. Ergo, Fox News contributed to the deaths of none innocent Bible scholars in Charleston, South Carolina.

Stronger Together: Kudos To Doug Ross

My favorite, of course, is the "Stronger Together" theme.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


BTW: Obama mentioned himself 137 times in his stump speech for Hillary.

BTW: A dozen eggs costs $150 in Venezuela.

BTW: Hillary Hates Obama.

BTW: Bill Clinton Still Banging Bimbos (Could a Levitra endorsement follow?)

BTW: If Russia or anyone else hacked State Department emails, it was because Hillary used unsecured server and unsecured devices.

BTW:  Mass Starvation In Yemen

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary Using A Body Double?

There was a time when I would dismiss the idea outright. Post-Obama and the birther rumor that Obama started, his fainting women and his omnipresent halo, I have seen the sanctioned political party grow emboldened by the assistance of an enabling media complex.

Why not try using a body double? CNNetc will cover for Hillary. They have kept her health problems under wraps and have even attacked the whistleblowers. They will call a breezy 74 degree day a sweltering heat wave. They will falsely identify a covert clinic as Chelsea's apartment. Yes, they have already attacked the body double meme as a conspiracy theory.

Make of this what thou wilt.

For an explanation of the red circles...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary's Ambulance

MSM Chorus's Latest Hit: "Power Through"

GOP Incumbent Senators: If You Can't Win This Year, Find A New Profession

A long time ago, I used to watch prize fights on TV. I was partly drawn in by the candor of color commentators like Gil Clancy and Angelo Dundee. I remember a mismatched fight where the generic, all purpose sportscaster turned to Clancy and asked, "What does (over-classed fighter) need to do?"

Clancy replied earnestly, "He needs to learn another profession."

That is my message for Kelly Ayotte and Ron Johnson and Mark Kirk and the other 21 GOP senators facing re-election in November. If you cannot defeat this corrupt and contemptible Democrat Party, if you cannot defeat Lois Lerner and Jonathan Gruber and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and Richard Windsor and Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills and Jonathan Koskinen, you need to find another profession.

So you object, ever so innocently. "But those people are not on the ballot."

Then put them on the ballot! If you want to win, you must stand for something and you must stand against something else. Take a stand against the most corrupt and dishonest and abusive and yes the most criminal administration in history. You have the golden opportunity to run against the only anti-American administration in history. Don't let this chance pass you by!

Your opponents are a bunch of thugs who have both disgusted and frightened the American people. You can listen to the consultant class like the 16 candidates not named Donald Trump did in the presidential primaries. You might win and you might not. Or you can go rogue like Trump and rail against a rigged system and crooked adversaries. The choice is yours.

Ron Johnson, you are particularly fortunate. If you need issues, read Kimberly Strassels' "The Intimidation Game." There is a chapter on the abuse of John Doe warrants by Democratic officials in Wisconsin. The term "Orwellian" understates the brazen thugocracy instituted by Milwaukee County DA, John Chisholm. And you have the luxury of running against uber-fascist, Russ Feingold, the man who helped lay the groundwork for Democrat attacks on political speech.

The little people put you in office in 2010. Remember them? They have thoughts, concerns, grievances, passions and fears. Have you addressed any of these? If no, you still have time to redeem yourself. You can listen to the consulting class telling you how to lose or you can take off the gloves and demolish the glass-jawed monster. It's up to you.

Two thirds of the country thinks we are on the wrong track. Need to find something to disgust and repulse the populace? Democrat Party vintage 2016 will gladly provide it.

If you cannot win in this environment, you need to find another profession.

More Good Stuff From FEE.

What is more boring than a lecture on semantics?

For years, right-wing radio commentators have been using “liberal” as a swear term: the worst epithet you could ever hurl at someone, indicating an individual hell-bent on destroying your life. They have contrasted the malice of “liberals” with the greatness of “conservatives,” who favor God, country, and free enterprise (with a bit of war thrown in). And book after book are published for conservative consumption using the term “liberal” to identify the most depraved values.

BTW, Hillary Was NOT Rushed To Chelsea's Apartment

If you have a Pinocchio imoge on your phone, you might text it to CNN, MSNBC, and other Clinton PR firms.

When Hillary could no longer endure the brutal 74 degree heat wave, she was rushed somewhere to rehydrate. The official story is that somewhere was daughter, Chelsea's tony apartment. Actually, the address is Metrocare Home Services. Who might that be?

I suppose we will find out more about this health care company in the coming days. What is hard to deny is that Hillary has a sophisticated health contingency plan that can deliver treatment in secret. More importantly, the MSM will protect this contingency plan from transpaerency.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Forgive Me For Meme Rustling But...

I am crediting Mike Cernovich via Twitter

Mega-Link Of The Day: Sharyl Attkisson's No BS Summary Of Hillary's Email Scandals

I still have to check the spelling on this woman's name. Like any other journalist of integrity, Attkisson was drummed out of the MSM corps.

Here we have an excellent summary including a detailed timeline and a list of all the key players.

Ah, a nostalgic moment as we harken back to the days when reporters reported. All the sweeter for bein released on the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.