Friday, June 24, 2016

One More Reason To Hate Facebook: They Seem To Be Harassing Kathleen Willey

When asked whether she thought someone inside the social media network might have a twisted sense of humor or even be targeting her, Willey said, “[It] wouldn’t be the first time. I have had some comments ‘go missing’ on A Scandal A Day, my Facebook page.”

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump Going To Scotland

I hate to get all paranoid but if I were advising Donald Trump I would ask him not not take any unnecessary plane flights, especially out of the country, until after the election.

Trump is upsetting that status quo (read Middle East oil and terrorist interests) and no one should underestimate their ruthlessness.

Let's all say a prayer for the Donald.

Brexit Yes!

Looks like the Btits might have some backbone after all. Tired of being bullied by Brussels and their prohibition of electric tea kettles and electric toasters and the mandatory acceptance of "refugees" the UK has left the European Union. Hooray!




The bookies and pollsters missed this one.

Can't Get Enough Cover-Ups? How About The 5 Year Old Idaho Girl Sexually Assaulted By Immigrants?

This highly respected blogger loves to beat the MSM to the story.  This blog is careful not to repeat falsehoods. Sometimes a story sounds a little too sensational to be true. The story in question sounded too bad to be true. Then I saw it reported at a second site, then a third, then a fourth. Unfortunately, the MSM has chosen to investigate this story.

Bloggers generally mistrust MSM. We like it when they reluctantly confirm what we have already reported. When they ignore significant events altogether we grow frustrated. If someone is shameless, they cannot be shamed.

Michelle Malkin picks up the story.   Warning: This is not a feel good story.  

Police and the local prosecutor’s office grudgingly confirmed that an investigation had begun into the incident. The victim: A mentally disabled 5-year-old girl. The alleged perpetrators: Three boys, ages 7, 10 and 14, from Sudanese and Iraqi immigrant families (predominantly Muslim) who have been in the country for less than two years — all but confirming that they are refugees.
What happened? The case is under seal because it involves minors, but prosecutor Grant Loebs said there is videotape of the alleged sexual assault (a fact which local activists first divulged). Two of the boys are in custody. It’s not clear what happened to the third.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Ramadan Scorecard: 900 Kills And Counting

If you're a stats freak, check out The Religion Of Peace website. 427 kills just last week. 28.640 terrorist kills since September 11, 2001. 231 global attacks this year. Excellent repository of numbers.