Saturday, May 21, 2016

George Clooney Gets Demolished


Blast From The Past: Kanye West Attacks George Bush

Looking back, some moments distill the zeitgeist and portend the future in a frightening way.

Kanye West is an icon of Stupid Chic. His comments about Hurricane Katrina are aggressively inane and being an early adopter if not a pioneer of the Stupid Chic movement, he would parley his affected idiocy to attain levels of fortune and fame that mortals can only dream of.

One clip captures so much:

1. The rise of hyperpolitics. Your grandfather probably did not foresee the politicization of the weather. Then again he probably did not foresee the politicization of sports and entertainment either.

2. Any negative comments about Republicans in general and George Bush in particular, no matter how ridiculous, will be encouraged and rewarded.

3. Extrapolating from this clip we can see the meteoric rise of Stupid Chic that would usher in Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and the rise of a plethora of Affected Stupidity pop stars such as the Kardashian Industry, of which Kanye would become a cornerstone.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Cryptocurrencies 1.1

Some people would say Bitcoin is more like 1.0. but efforts at cryptocurrencies date back to the 1980's.

Bitcoin is a triumph but as with many success stories, it is wrought with failure, some of which might never be resolved.

When we think of the revolutionary ideas launched from an Internet platform--Ebay, Craigslist, Youtube, Uber--none is as Earth-shattering as cryptocurrency. Ultimately, they might all flop but I doubt that they will leave the current system in peace.

This is a nice intro to Bitcoin but there is a snide politically correct narrative. Thus, the title "The Bitcoin Gospel." Did you catch the clever religious comparison? And the founders who are referred to as evangelists and political absolutists. As if the fluffy can never be zealots. Taken with a grain of salt, this is a good introduction to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

New York Times Warns Against "Polling Insanity"

Just how reliable can an opinion poll be if it shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton?

Funnier yet, a Survey Monkey poll has the Donald raking in 28 % of Hispanic voters. Looks like those wacky Quinnipiacs are at it again, by golly.

From The Gray Lady Herself:

Part of the problem stems from the polling process itself. Getting reliable samples of voters is increasingly expensive and difficult, particularly as Americans go all-cellular. Response rates have plummeted to 9 percent or less. 

I guess this is where we should insert the Dems also taking back both houses meme.

Hugo Chavez's Daughter Is Wealthiest Venezuelan Citizen

Who says socialism does not promote prosperity? In 2015, UK's "Daily Mail" reported that Maria Gabriela Chavez held assets worth $4.2 billion in Andorra and the US. The article did not say if she is available.

Note: The primary source is "Diario los Americos."

Once more the UK newspapers scoop US Silence of the Lambs journalists. Shame on this blogger for falling behind in reading England's tabs.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

But He's Our Narcissist

I checked Sam Vaknin's Youtube page from time to time to see what he had to say about Donald Trump's obvious narcissism. Last I checked he had not posted anything about Trump.

Vaknin is generous with his time and responded promptly to the only email I ever sent him. I should have written him directly like this writer at "American Thinker" did.

Quick side commentary. American Thinker, I understand the desire to monetize one's site but if your page takes more than five seconds to load--and yours sometimes takes longer--most of us will go elsewhere. TOO MANY ADS! Yes, you have an ad-free version but I did not look into that. Pandora does that and Youtube is going down that road but I am not paying to read AT! Sorry.

So Trump's narcissism was put to Vaknin:

His first person pronoun density (the number of times he uses "I," "me," and "myself" in a conversation or in interviews) is the highest I have ever heard from any politician, Obama included.


Still, I will be supporting Trump wholeheartedly. He is ten times smarter than Barry Soetoro and he never fell for something as aggressively stupid as say, the lure of socialism (see preceding post about the new Venezuelan utopia.) If we play our cards right we can ride Trump's coattails and we can undo some of Obama's destruction. Let Donald hog the spotlight while we return power to the legislative branch, the people's house. 

Viva Donald!

Venezuela Celebrates Progressivism

If Fox News was a real network, they would have cameras on the ground like this low budget operation. I guess if you shell out millions and millions to prime time stars, there isn't much moolah left for news.




Sunday, May 15, 2016

Adam Corolla Explains The Appeal Of Trump

Vicious Children Abscond With Anti-Trump Protesters' Pepper Spray!


New Contract With America: Tea Party 2.0

1. Repeal Obamacare.

2. Repeal Dodd/Frank.

3. Abolish corporate welfare in all of its forms.

4. Replace the current tax code with a flat tax.

5. Limit all IRS and tax regulations to 1000 words.

6. Authorize funding for a special prosecutor to investigate IRS abuses.

7. Abolish corporate bailouts. (This might be the covered in #3 but in case it is not...)

8. Abolish all federal wage and price regulations.

9. Eliminate federal housing subsidies.

10. Make congressional salaries proportional to federal surplus revenue. (Who cares if they make $10 million/year if they cut our debt by $1 trillion?)

Bikers For Trump

I don't know if bikers are a bellwhether but I would not bet against them either. Blue collar America has been taken for granted for as long as I can remember. That might be changing.

More Schadenfreude: Barbara Boxer Booed By Sanders Supporters