Saturday, April 16, 2016

At The Risk Of Turning This Blog Into A Judge Jeanine Pirro Fan Club...


Can You Detect The Irony? If You Voted For Obama, The Answer Is No

This is from a friendly website, How America Became Jonestown I suggested to the web master that he give these vids their own page.  Unfortunately, he is a low energy guy.

See if I can give this synchronicity it due. Watch the two vids simultaneously with the sounds turned on for both. The second vid is shorter so you have to reload it a few times. Stagger start times to get slightly more synchronous results.  Have fun.

New Contract With America: Submitted By The Spirit of 08.

1. Make "Reach Across The Aisle" the official motto of the Republican Party.

2. Replace the GOP's elephant mascot with a sloth.

3. Allow the Democrat-allied mainstream media to bash, smear, impugn, intimidate and attack GOP candidates without any push back, blow back, counter-claim or any other defense in hopes that the fourth estate might like us.

4. The GOP will lose a few key elections in hopes that the media will come to like us.

5. The GOP will lose a few key elections to maintain a balance of power in Washington.

6.  The GOP will ridicule all Americans who express concern about illegal immigration.

7. The GOP will ridicule all fellow Republicans who attempt to address fiscal responsibility.

8. The GOP will work to purge itself of members allied with the Tea Party movement.

9. GOP legislators will be educated on global warming by anonymous people wearing seal costumes.

10. Through minions and lackeys nd other confidential sources, the GOP will blame everything that goes wrong on Sarah Palin.

Thank you, Spirit.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Contract With America: Submitted By A Genuine Trumpster

Thanks Moose.

Here’s the real Donald Trump “Contract With America”…

1. Make America Great Again. You’re gonna love it.
2. We’re gonna build a wall—a great big beautiful wall—and Mexico is gonna pay for it.
3. Kick out illegal immigrants, but let them come in the right way.
4. Rebuild our military.
5. Take care of our veterans.
6. We’re gonna get rid of Obama Care—and replace it with something better.
7. Support the Second Amendment.
8. Temporarily ban Muslims from entering our country.
9. Renegotiate trade agreements with China (among others).
10. We are going to start winning. We will win so much, you might start getting tired of it. You’re gonna love it...

I, for one, AM going to most definitely LOVE IT!!!!...

New Contract With America: The J. Boner Proposal

Thank you J. Boner for your contribution.

1. Congress will institute mandatory earmarks for all future legislation.

2. Congress will deny chairmanship to any legislator who publicly advocates a position of fiscal responsibility.

3. The GOP will use the full force of its political and financial capital to purge from its ranks legislators who identify with or are supported by the Tea Party movement.

4. Congress shall fund green fees for any civil servant who once served the public in the capacity of Speaker of the House.

5. Congress shall subsidize the purchase of foreign and domestic spirits for any civil servant who once served the public in the capacity of Speaker of the House.

6. Congress shall fund tanning salon fees for any civil servant who once served the public in the capacity of Speaker of the House.

7. Congress shall fund a monument that appropriately pays homage to the manhood of our 44th president.

8. Congress shall fund a monument that appropriately pays homage to the taut butt cheeks of our 44th president.

9. Congress shall fund a monument that appropriately pays homage to the soft skin of our 44th president.

10. Congress shall fund a monument that appropriately pays homage to the sweet fragrance of our 44th president.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Contract With America Game: The Twit Cromney Contract

Thanks to Twit for submitting this new Contract With America. He is hoping all Republican candidates sign on.

1. Pledge to destroy any GOP candidate who has a good chance of occupying the White House.

2. Treat the Obama media as fair-minded journalists who will never, ever, under any circumstances twist the truth to favor the Democrat Party.

3. Play nice with Obama and Axelrod and people of that ilk in an effort to be accepted by the Washington establishment.

4. Limit negative attacks to primary campaigns and never employ such tactics in the general election.

5. Agree to a non-aggression pact with Democrats and stick by it even when attacked.

6. Accept money and support from Tea Party groups but ignore them at all costs.

7. Propose an increase in the federal minimum wage that is slightly less than the minimum wage Democrats propose.

8. Propose a deficit that is slightly less than what the Democrats propose.

9. Offer the populace blank stares when asked about Dodd-Frank.

10. Offer half-smiles of resignation and explain the meaning of settled law when asked about repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Thanks again, Twit.

New Contract With America Game:The Reluctant Trumpster Template.

1. Construct a set of walls along the southern border. (Anyone who thinks a single wall will seal the border has never seen a map.)

2. Eliminate sanctuary cities.

3. Stop the flow of mass immigration until a system is in place to vet immigrants.

4. Levy a 28% tax on wire transfers to foreign lands.

5. Pass federal legislation criminalizing state, county and municipal employees who knowingly provide non-emergency aid to illegal aliens.

6. Require a "mandated reporter" status for all federal employees to report illegal aliens and to also report government employees who facilitate illegal aliens receiving government benefits and voting by illegal immigrants.

7. Reduce corporate tax rates to 15 per cent.

8. Fund a presidential commission to study the economic impact of NAFTA.

9. Repeal the Affordable Care Act.

10. Formally declare war on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Contract With America Game

We have witnessed the power of a concise, positive message. With all the infighting in the GOP it might be time promote a unifying template. We are turning it into a parlor game.

You can submit a contract yourself or you can edit an existing contract. All proposed contracts have two simple rules.

1. They can have no ore than 10 proposals. If you want to substitute a proposal with a different proposal you may do so but you have to remove an existing one.

2. Each proposal can be no longer than three sentences.

We have a few submitted templates. Please feel free to modify them or submit your own.

The Generic GOP Contract:

1. Repeal The Affordable Care Act.

2. Repeal Dodd-Frank.

3. Institute civil and criminal penalties for knowingly providing non-emergency government assistance to illegal aliens. In other words, if a welfare worker provides food stamps to someone he knows is here illegally, he would be subject to prosecution and job loss. The state or municipality would also be fined.

4. Commit the full force of  US resources to exterminating ISIS.

5. Reduce corporate taxes to a competitive level (15% 0%).

6. Defund Planned Parenthood.

7. Drill and pump and pipe oil from ANWR.

8. Build the Keystone Pipeline.

9. Pass Federal legislation to mandate state-issued ID for all voters.

10. Increase penalties for voter fraud and multi-state voting.

That's 10. More templates to follow.