Saturday, March 12, 2016

Judge Jeanine Pirro Says It Better Than I Can


I Don't Know Who Jan Morgan Is But I Am Reposting Her Facebook Post

Via Doug Giles and Clash Daily

From The Anti-Haters Who Don't Even Know How To Hate

Secret Service Scramble To Protect Trump In Dayton


Friday, March 11, 2016

Nostradamus Department: Has Sealed Trump's Nomination

We have witnessed Trump's rise in the polls at each expression of disapproval. Like a rubber ball thrown off a building, the harder he hits, the higher he bounces.

Till this evening it was just verbiage. Tonight, Trump supporters were physically attacked in Chicago and the ensuing riot resulted in their candidate cancelling the rally. Trump's numbers will soon go through the roof.

You heard it here first. Trump will receive a major bump in the polls, probably enough for him to seal his nomination next Tuesday.

Oh, and if there is a rumble between Sanders supporters and Trump supporters, bet on the latter.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Is Donald Trump A New Kind Of RINO?

By definition Donald Trump is Republican In Name Only. When that term is tossed around talk radio or the blogosphere, it is never a compliment. The connotation is that a RINO lacks principle or integrity. Perhaps even worse, they are seen as lacking courage and resolve. The Doles and McCains and Romneys have done a wonderful job in cementing the RINO doormat reputation (Can you mix metaphor better than that?)

Whatever else one might say about Donald Trump's principles or his honesty or his character, it is hard to take issue with his courage or resolve. It is not insulting to say that he is a comic book figure. His every action is more suited to a six panel a page setting than anything we are accustomed to.

Trump's confidence is infectious. So too, is his passion. Like Ronald Reagan, Trump makes the listener feel good about himself and his country. Can you imagine the Donald traveling to Egypt to apologize for his country's very existence? A genuine love for the homeland is always advanced, no matter what is being said.

Passion and confidence are two qualities missing in other RINO's. Maybe if there were more RINO's like Trump, RINO would not be considered a derogatory term.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Poll Suggests Romney Denouncement Helped Donald Trump

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney delivered an impassioned speech last week blasting Donald Trump as a “fraud” who would hand the White House to Hillary Clinton.

But a new poll finds that the 2012 GOP nominee’s attacks might have helped Trump more than hurt him, at least with Republican voters tasked with choosing this year's nominee.

The Morning Consult survey found 31% of registered GOP voters are more likely to vote for Trump given Romney’s speech, while 20% are less likely. Another 43% said it didn’t have an impact either way.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Glenn Beck At CPAC

I could have done without the Willy Wonka references but maybe I am not the target demo. The first 9:45 is optional.