Thursday, March 3, 2016

Romney Postscript

Mitt Romney's comments will hurt Donald Trump's campaign...for about fifteen minutes. If the pollsters call before this gets posted we might see a decline in the "ratings." But the T-Man is taking the stage in Portland, Maine in just over an hour and those members of a packed house who are asking 'Mittt Who?' will probably be told EXACTLY who Mitt happens to be.

Romney's speech at the Hinkley Institute (irony anyone?)  has a limited shelf life. We have a Trump rally followed by yet one more GOP debate tonight. Tomorrow, Mitt Romney will be seen in our rear view mirrors. Was that roadkill or a bag of garbage?  Who cares?

What Rhymes With Mitt?

I view Mitt Romney as a sympathetic figure. An incredibly decent man who was turned into a caricature by a corrupt news media who sacrificed their last shreds of integrity to whore out for the Democratic Party. With that stated, Romney lost an election he should have easily won and the only thing this guy can tell us now is how to lose.

Barack Obama was the worst and the weakest incumbent in US History. The 2010 midterms were a referendum on Obama and it was earth-shattering. The GOP started the 2012 election with a substantial lead and they blew it. We can blame the consultant class and all the usual punching bags but ultimately the blame goes to Mitt Romney.

Is Mitt Romney a Democrat in drag? Is he a high-placed Quisling? Why would we even suggest such character assassination? Maybe because Governor Romney was all too willing to work with a Democratic legislature at every turn. Maybe because he was brutal while opposing his GOP rivals but a doormat when he facing off against the Organizer-In-Chief. Some of us even entertain the idea that Romney took a dive.

So Mitt, are you going to tell us how to lose? We already have Jeb's wisdom at our disposal (and dispose we should.) If we want lo tap into the wisdom of the masters of failure we still have Bob Dole and John McCain to advise us. Some of us are sick of losing to losers. The GOP nominee will face either a woman who might need to amend her bail agreement to attend her party's convention or a senile sloganmeister who is still upset at how gruffly we treated the Rosenbergs. Mitt can yet snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Yes, There Is Voter Fraud In New Hampshire

I haven't jumped on the Trump bandwagon just yet but I bet the Donald would not tolerate voter fraud. He won over a lot of hearts and minds when he discussed topics GOP candidates were too cowardly to address, namely immigration and Islamic terrorism. Voter fraud is yet one more elephant in a room that seems pretty damned crowded with pachyderms.

 From this blog's very inception in 2009, there was a concern about voter fraud. ACORN has come and gone but institutionalized cheating remains. It was a concern in 2010, a much larger concern in 2012 and still on the radar in 2014. In 2016, no Republican is touching this subject.

 For seven years I have waited for someone to step forward to address an issue that could bring our republic to its knees (if it hasn't already.) Had the GOP addressed institutionalized cheating in 2009, 2010, 2011, or even 2012, they might have captured the White House. We get the occasional Rand Paul or Ted Cruz to bring attention to ignored topics but even the most outspoken members of Congress will not help us out here.

Voter fraud is real and it is rampant. It is possibly the greatest threat our republic has ever faced. It has been tolerated for much too long. May God bless James O'Keefe.