Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Open Apology To William Jefferson Clinton

In at least two previous posts as well as in comments, this writer stated that two women had accused William Jefferson Clinton of rape: Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey. In fact, only one of these women made such an accusation, that being Jaunita Broaddrick. Kathleen Willey merely accused the president of groping and forced counter-groping.

This was not an effort to pile on to a beleaguered public figure who has always been a lightning rod for controversy. The fog of time coupled with the high volume of accusations have created an organizational problem for this feeble mind. In the process, mistakes were made.

Quite a few people read the mistakes and no one called it to this writer's attention. I am not sure if they can accurately identify all of the president's accusers so many years later.

It would be easy to blame my fact checkers but I take full ownership of this oversight.

I sincerely apologize, Mr. President, for stating that you are an accused serial rapist when in fact, you are simply an accused rapist.

Please accept my sincere apology, Mr. President.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Return Of Juanita Broaddrick

This post has been on the back burner for almost two months. Unfortunately, Kathleen Willey is not the only woman who claims Bill Clinton once raped her. Now 73, Ms. Broaddrick claims WJC atacked her in 1978.

Why are Willey and Broaddrick finally finding their audience? One factor is Hillary's presidential run. Another is the sordid tale of Bill Cosby finally coming to light. Perhaps most significantly is the passage of time.

When women originally came out of the shadows to tell of their close encounters with Bill Clinton they were viewed with suspicion. Were they looking for a settlement, ala Paula Jones? Were they GOP plants? Were they seeking attention?

Two decades later Willey and Broadrrick are not chomping caviar, they do not host talk shows, they are not political power brokers. These women's stories have not changed over the years. Two decades ago, the Rahms and Hillarys and Georges challenged their credibility with some success. That will be harder to do this time around especially when the reputations of Bill and Hillary and all the FOB's are so overwhelmingly tarnished.

Btoadrrick and Willey are victims and they are also survivors. They have stood strong and have lived good lives. Adversity hurt them but it did not destroy them. They are both alive and well. Justice delayed is justice denied of course but 2016 might deliver a measure of satisfaction. Let's hope so.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Trump In Vermont Causes Public Safety Concern

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Vermonters who plan to see Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speak here on Thursday should prepare for "airport-like" security and sizable crowds after the campaign issued tickets for more than 10 times the number of available seats, the Flynn Center's executive director says.

Donald Trump called the Howie Carr Show to brag about the number of tickets his campaign had distributed and how many people would be turned away. Trump says they could easily fill a 20,000 seat venue in Bernie Sanders's home state of Vermont. The Donald further bragged that people are standing in line for over six hours to see him speak. This was in reply to the Karl Rove observations that people might tell pollsters they like Trump but that doesn't mean they will actually get off the couch to vote for him.

As I understand it, the Trump Campaign distributed 14,000 tickets for a 1400 seat venue and then it is first in line gets in (after they pledge loyalty to Donald at the door.) I tend to believe that if someone will stand in line outside for hours in January they might also show up to vote at a later time. We will see.

The fact that Donald is spreading the field in New Hampshire by speaking in neighboring states shows that he is thinking well beyond the Granite State.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's Crying Time At The White House

Even if I shared Barack Obama's values I would distance myself from the mountebank just to let the world know that I was not duped by his cheesy theatrics. Obama's ongoing cheeseatrics are not just hokey, they are insulting to the observer.

I guess there won't be a 14th fainting woman. Even the idiots finally saw through that ruse.

If Obama's tears are genuine--and if you believe they are I have a street light inspector course I would like to sell you--it is even more disturbing. He is crying about background checks and his frustration with Congress but he cannot be bothered to observe a moment of silence for the Paris victims or even victims of jihad in his own country (San Bernardino,  Kathryn Steinle, the Fort Hood victims, Colleen Hufford...) to say nothing about James Foley or Christopher Stevens or anonymous Libyan Christians slaughtered on the beach. Hell, he couldn't even be bothered when the consulate in Benghazi was under attack.

Dismally, this might play well with the Hecaresaboutpeoplelikeme crowd. A trail of tears might be in our future.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Two Songs About The Demise Of The British Empire

Coldplay has never said what "Viva La Vida" is "about" but if they wanted to do a song about the collapse of The British Empire they could not been more on target. Perhaps that is a testimony to the universality of art. The descriptors just fit the context perfectly. The observer sees something familiar regardless of the creator's intent.

What I find disturbing is the matter of fact attitude concerning the decline of something marvelous. This is familiar Leftist "everyone thinks they are exceptional/all cultures are created equal/who are we to celebrate our greatness?" territory. The fall is just one more occasion for theatrics. Indifference dressed up with violins.

One line always bothers me. Around 2:33 "For some reason I can't explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name." This reminds one of the absurdly inarticulate Occupy Wall Street crowd. They cannot explain their condemnation of Wall Street or America or capitalism or the very premise of free will, but they are certain of the irredeemable evil that resides at the core of these things. Coldplay, being eggheads by comparison, can add British colonialism to the list of the damned.


Supertramp's "Fool's Overture" has so much more feeling than "Viva La Vida." Progressive rockers are sometimes accused of producing work more clever than heartfelt. Then when they express genuine feeling they are dismissed as prissy or wimpish by their heavy-heavy counterparts. "Fool's Overture" is both cerebral and visceral.

There is real sadness in the singer's voice. He is mourning "how great the fall can be." The Winston Churchill samples leave no doubt as to the song's lyrical theme. This is a sad song. It is also a masterpiece.


I hope to never hear songs about the passing of America. If such songs are written I hope they will be more Supertramp than Coldplay. Unfortunately, I think there are plenty of Americans who cannot wait to dance on her grave. Viva La Vida.