Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Russians Hacked The Election (Insert Laugh Track Here)

I am starting to believe there might be something to that post-modernism after all. The purveyors of fake news create a fake news witch hunt while promoting a fake news bonanza stating that "the Russians hacked the election."

The silly ass meme could be halted with one question: "Specifically, what constitutes election hacking?"

Even if the worst accusations against (that are not all that grievous) were proven to be true, that the Russkies used advanced cyber technology to gain access to Podesta's emails and then handed them over to Julian Assange--Assange denies any Russian connection--does this mean that we should sanction or punish foreign nationals who have aided and abetted the Democrats?

Citizen of the World-At-Large, George Soros, has interfered in American elections for three decades. In 2016 he extended his scope to successfully influence local races. Do his actions constitute election hacking?

Carlos Slim, a Mexican national who at various times has been listed as the wealthiest man on Planet Earth, is rabidly anti-Trump. In 2015 he became the largest single investor in "The New York Times." Ironically (said with a hint of irony) it was this esteemed purveyor of fake news that illegally procured Donald Trump's tax records in the 2016 presidential election season. Does this illegality constitute election hacking?

Does the slanted reporting of foreign news entities, like BBC, Al Jazeera, Russia Times constitute election hacking? Regarding Russia Times, does anyone care to make the point that they have promoted a pro-Trump agenda? Good luck squaring that circle.

This from Ricochet.

The media is intentionally lying to the public because they want a better excuse for Election Day than the reality. They would rather focus on hacking, the popular vote, FBI Director James Comey, or the minuscule alt-right, instead of accepting that American voters slightly preferred Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, at least in the states where it counted. People wanted change over the ineptness, cronyism, and stagnation of the Obama era. They didn’t trust the utterly untrustable Clinton and liked her even less.

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