Friday, December 23, 2016

Summarizing A Sunset On An Overcast Day

Barack Obama is a sad excuse. The saddest thing is not his warmongering. His worst crime is not padding the pockets of Silicon Valley billionaires, nor is his peddling of madman George Soros’ poison. Dismantling America’s Constitution, creating a morally deprived playground out of his country, clowning when others suffer, even getting valiant American soldiers killed is not cause to disrespect a US president. No, the reason my sweet and smart wife is wrong about respecting the president is not because of mistakes. Barack Obama is an unrepentant failure in leading his people. This is why he should be shunned, why he should leave the White House with his tail tucked between his legs. Instead the New York Times, CNN, the major networks, the sellout news, the Jeff Bezos types who bought up media, and the crazy liberals must prop him up. The empowered must have their champion intact.
No. Barack Obama betrayed America in no uncertain terms. He could have stood up, he decided to go along. He could have paved the steady way, but he caved in to the empowered self indulgers. He could have made peace and prosperity for all, instead he shunned billions of people in favor of a few. Barack Obama could have made us all proud to be Americans, instead he showed the world our vilest characteristics, our worst sportsmanship and fair play, and how “we” are worth more than “them”. A good man does not respect such things, he despises them. I lost respect for Barack Obama not for his mistakes, but for the vast possibility he left in the dirt.

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