Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Sad, Sad Day: Thomas Sowell's Last Column

It would be a sadder day if I was announcing Thomas Sowell's passing. That is not the case. The 86 year old will no longer write columns, however, and that is tragic.

I know of no writer who is so sharp and so blunt at the same time. In researching something else I traipsed through Sowell's Amazon gallery. I read the One-star comments on his book. I could not find one review that actually refuted anything Sowell had written. If you are not aware, there is an "Occupy Amazon" movement that assigns bad reviews to Non-Leftist writers, sometimes minutes after a book is released. The reviews are usually three sentences or fewer, snide if not vicious, and woefully lacking any evidence that the reviewer had read the book. Perhaps it says more about the Left than about Sowell that no one ever disproved anything he had written.

Sowell was a teacher by trade, and a damn good one. If I could recommend just one of his books, that book would be "Vision Of The Anointed," perhaps the best insight yet into the Leftist mind.

Enjoy your retirement, Dr. Sowell. You deserve it.

Sowell's Farewell

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Anonymous said...

I have often enjoyed memes on Facebook that showcase various quotes from Mr. Sowell, but have not really known exactly who he is. I will, most definitely, act upon your recommendation of his book, "Vision of the Anointed"... Thank you!