Tuesday, November 8, 2016

View From New Hampshire

I wanted to be there when the polls opened and I am glad that I was tardy. I overheard snippets that the parking lot was jammed and lines were formed by 6:45.

When I finally rolled in around 7:20 there was already a traffic jam exiting the parking lot. Voting took place at the old high school gym and it is a good sized structure, usually sufficient for the task at hand. The place was packed and the line extended outdoors.

In New Hampshire you can register to vote on election day. That line was huge. It might be dangerous to speculate on the composition of these people but I am going to take a couple of educated guesses. I don't think Hillary will bring many new voters to the polls.The unregistered voters were likely either Trumpsters or fraudsters.

Fraudsters like to practice their craft later in the day. They tend to be night owls who wake up when the sun gets warm. They might need a nip or a toke to endure the adversity of standing and waiting and eventually filling in a ballot. The weather is clear but cold today and the brisk air might keep some of them indoors. We will see.

I think the long lines at the registration table were mostly first time voters who came out to vote for Donald Trump. You can sometimes tell at a glance if a person has ever done a day's work and I would say that most of these people are guilty of practicing that age old vice. They might not be employed as we speak but one gets the impression that they would love to tell you all about their new job sometime in the future. Anyone who gets up at dawn and who endures cold temperatures, traffic and long lines to vote can be sorted in the "motivated" file. Draw from these observations whatever conclusion you might. As for me, I don't think they are on hand with the chirping birds to elect our first female president.

Meanwhile, my heart is racing. I am jumpy and a little bit distracted. A few days ago I said I had peace of mind. Where did that feeling go?

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Hoosierman said...

Trump is alleged to have created 3 million new Republicans in the primaries by pulling in people who have not voted in years or have never voted. One must wonder if that influx stopped when he secured the nomination. My guess is is continuing even today in the states that have same day registration. It's going to be a great day!