Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump Coattails

Don't look now but the Kentucky legislature is now controlled by Republicans. First time in over a hundred years, I am told. Oh, and by the way, Republicans took control of both houses of Minnesota. Yes, Minnesota.


Hoosierman said...

The debate now seems to come down between whether the Democrats are in the worse shape since a)the beginning of the Hoover presidency or b) Reconstruction. Kentucky and West Virginia will not vote for a Democrat in our life times and it's doubtful Louisiana will either. This is Obama's legacy. They were lost on environmental issues namely the war on coal on the drilling moratorium. Bill Clinton carried all three in 1992 but they were not competitive for Hillary. They only total up to 21 electoral votes but they are gone for good and it is all on Obama.

worldsbiggestloser said...

The worst stat: The Dems (WJC) carried West Virginia by 15+ points in 1996. Trump carried the same state by 43 points. Almost incomprehensible. The bleeding has not stopped. If Trump kick starts the economy that blue wall could come apart brick by brick.

Hoosierman said...

Is Joe Manchin the only Democrat now living in West Virginia? Remember 4 years ago a convict in a federal pen took 41% of the vote against Obama in the primary?