Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Unusually High Stakes In 2016

We seem to be headed for one-party rule. Whichever team lost last Tuesday was set to lose more than an election. Their very existence was in question.

Had Hillary won the presidency, the GOP would have found itself on the scrap heap of history. Who could have unified the party after the disgraceful displays of treachery on behalf of the Never-Trumpers? Ben Sasse? Lindsey Graham? William Kristol? It would be a pup tent of a political machine but the point would be moot. Hillary would have institutionalized voter fraud on a scale that would make America Chicago en route to Detroit. Bye bye GOP. Bye bye America.

Ah, but the pundits and pollsters were as accurate about Donald Trump as they were about Brexit. In polite terms, the experts buried their heads up their asses and reported on what they saw. I for one look forward to rubbing salt in the wounds of the fork-tongued pundit class for years to come.

Had the Democrats won, the influx of millions of immigrant gangsters and terrorists herded by the Scott Fovals and James Creamers would have spelled the literal demise of the Republic that was long ago handed to us. Game over. The End. Drop the curtain. Roll the credits. Fortunately, Donald Trump delivered us from the barbarians. In so doing, he prompted the question, "what now for the Democratic Party?"

A book I wanted to write but will go unwritten is "Barack Obama:The Man Who Destroyed The Democratic Party." Hardcore Democrats are not like the rest of us and please do not insert Hemingway's comment to Fitzgerald here. Our differences go well beyond the guns vs, butter arguments. Most Americans put God first and either family or country second. Political parties are but vehicles for delivering their agenda.

Democrats do not share that outlook. It is party first and last and God, country, etc., are afterthoughts. They like their families in a political nepotism kind of way but only so long as their kin are loyal to the party.

You might have noticed that for eight years, valid criticism of the Obama Agenda was met with indifference, ridicule and the obligatory charge of racism. Democrats did not give a damn about the catastrophic debt, sluggish economic growth, the fate of Appalachia, the welfare of rural Americans, the hardships of working (and formerly working before they got shuffled to the unemployment line) people, the insensitive cruelties of Obamacare, the decline of America's military, the weaponization of federal bureaucracy turned against critics and dissenters, the ongoing graft and corruption, widespread voter fraud...

The party of conspicuous compassion loves to thumb its nose at anyone and everyone who cannot be used a political pawn. No exceptions. I am not getting off track here. The significant points are:

1. The Democratic Party is in deep trouble.

2. The person most responsible for the patient finding itself on life support is Barack Obama. His capacity for destruction cannot be under emphasized. This guy is the Anti-Midas. Through his weird alchemy, everything Obama touches turns to shit.

3. Where does the party go from here?

Let's start with the first point. If President Trump turns his justified furor to illegal immigration and voter fraud (the two are interconnected. The Dems facilitated illegal immigration to promote voter fraud) the Dems will lose their clout in several states. A Trump DOJ might convene grand juries where voter fraud is evident and it will be a bad era for the Fovals and the Creamers as well as their electoral beneficiaries.

George Soros will not live forever and even if he does he might face racketeering charges and civil suits for his ongoing Astroturf riots. The family of a slain Dallas police officer has already filed suit against the spooky dude and more will follow. Soros has jumped the shark.

The other oligarchs might pick up the slack for the Dems--Bloomberg, Steyer, Buffet, Cuban, Zuckerberg, Bezos, the Rothschilds to name but a few--but this past election might have a sobering effect on political donations. Hillary outspent Trump 4 to 1 and lost. As well, The Clinton Foundation, a clearing house of graft and corruption has been rendered irrelevant by Hillary's defeat.

The fat cats might be willing to fund a rising star but we see more setting suns than ascendants.

Addressing point #2, until the Democrats acknowledge Obama's dismantling of the Democratic Party, they will live in a land of delusion. Going into last Tuesday's election, The Democrats had lost 12 governorships, 13 Senate seats, 69 Congressional seats and over 900 state legislature slots under Obama. They picked up 2 Congressional seats, 2 Senate seats (the GOP was defending 24 positions) but lost the White House, yet another governor's office, and even more state legislators, enough to turn both Kentucky and Minnesota deep red.

Obama also destroyed the Clinton Machine, the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Can the Jonestown crew ever see Obama for what he is? I doubt it. The Kool-Aid is just too sweet and to even broach the subject is to invite the race card that was wielded so impulsively against even the gentlest and most even-handed of Obama's critics. Hopee Changee forever.

Where do the Democrats go from here? They still have the news media, Wall Street, Hollywood, TV, Silicon Valley, social media, the oligarchs and the fat cats on their side. Will that translate into political success? I doubt it. What will their motto be? The Party Of The Rich And Famous And The Dupes Who Suck Up To Them? Insert Howard Dean scream here. Not sure that will rock the Evangelical crowd.

The Dems could swing back into power with Republican ineptitude or corruption. But even then, they will need a superstar candidate as in 92 and 08. When you lose hundreds of seats at every level, it limits your options. Tammy Duckworth, Corey Booker, Andrew Cuomo, and John Hickenlooper all show promise but none of them have expressed an interest in the presidency just yet.

Who has expressed in interest in the presidency? Bernie Sanders, who will be 78 in 2020. Michelle Obama, who has never held any public office and seems to be uncomfortable in front of a camera. Mark Cuban has intimated that someday he might like the job and he could be emboldened by Trump's success.

One thing the Dems have in their favor is the grim economic outlook. We will probably see stock market and real estate corrections that will dwarf 2008. They will be brought on by the policies of Obama/Yellen but Barry will be out of office when the debt hits the fan. Got to give them credit for keeping the plates in the air as long as they did.

The media will reflexively blame Trump for anything that will go wrong and there are a lot of dupes who will swallow it, hook, line and sinker. How the Republicans deal with the next major event might decide the welfare of our country for a long time to come. Until an unwasted crisis emerges, it looks mighty grim for the Democrats.

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