Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pizzagators: Get A Grip!

If this were a scholarly journal I probably would not use Wikipedia as a source but it's always a good starting point.

The above references an ugly chapter in American history. In the 1980's a witch hunt mentality resulted in dozens of arrests countrywide for ritualistic child molestation. Almost every single case would eventually be dismissed or overturned, long after the accused were left in ruin.

It was a set of false beliefs that spurred the epidemic of tragic silliness. There was the belief that Satanism was widespread and that this underground religion routinely practiced ritualistic sexual abuse of children. These notions are more folklore than fact. Satanism simply is not popular and if Satanists practice child abuse, it is by no means common.

The final ingredient for the combustion was provided by the dangerous idiots known as mental health professionals. The Catholic Church got in big trouble trusting these charlatans. We can fix your "funny" priests. Send them to us and we will rehabilitate them and safely return them to the community. The mental health industry was on the spot assuring the world that they could recover repressed memories from children of all ages.

The mental health professionals hijacked the powerful imaginations of small children. In one high-profile case, children reported being raped by a lion. Children also identified from a stack of photos, a movie actor as a serial rapist. Said actor had alibis several times over. The esteemed mental health professionals successfully transferred their skills to adult patients, helping many of them recover--or more likely, invent--memories of abuse at the hands of loved ones.

Satanism was widespread but covert.
Satanism routinely involved the sexual abuse of children.
Mental health professionals are at best omniscient and at worst, slightly wrong, but always blameless.

Saltpeter combined with sulfur combined with charcoal meets a spark and BOOM!

Which brings us to Pizzagate. First of all, the fringey types who incorporate the Illuminati into every conversation, come back when you have the names and addresses and org charts of each Illuminati member. Until then, go away!

So too, the fundamentalists who take liberties to connect the dots between a silly ass performance artist, Aliester Crowley, Satanism, crappy graphic art, two trendy posers both named Podesta, and ritualistic child abuse...Go away!

And no, "the elite" and "the privileged" do not molest children as a matter of course.

Not that there are no disturbing Podesta emails. The Temera Luzzatto email where she names the ages of each child and suggests some unusual upcoming events should make your skin crawl. But let us not assume that someone has broken the Podesta code and they know for certain that pizza refers to a young girl, a hot dog refers to a young boy, etc.

I am not a Hillary fan. She is sleazy and she has surrounded herself with sleazeballs. This is not a lone rotten apple situation. These are hardcore criminals. But let's keep things in perspective.

First, let us not bear false witness,

Second, let us not overcharge the accused. We have Hillary accepting millions from the financiers of ISIS, we have pay for play (and vice versa) , intent to violate espionage laws, perjury, obstruction of justice....a good prosecutor could have a field day regardless of what crooked cop Comey might say.

An aside: MSM has done its best to silence Pizzagate discussion. Youtube has aggressively pulled Pizzagate videos. There have been vicious attacks against Pizzagators like David Seaman. There is definitely a backlash.

It is no crime to speak in code. And I wish to avoid bearing false witness and more importantly, I wish to avoid litigation. Having said that, there is some suspicious behavior going on here. Let us not jump to conclusions. The sensational can eclipse the mundane. The sensational can also eclipse the obvious. Please, Pizzagators, proceed with caution.


Moose said...
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Moose said...

I read your very interesting article--well done!
I'm not sure why, but, I've never heard of this (although I seem to remember having heard the term "pizzagate")...

This has explained something to me. regarding the sudden rash, a few years ago, of people coming forth with buried memories of having "remembered", through therapy, that they were molested as a child by clergy (and others)...
The way that I saw it, at the time, was that they were being manipulated by corrupted mental health "professionals"... Apparently I was "spot on"...

Fairly recently, one of my nephews "confided" in me, saying that his alcoholism was the result of having been molested as a youth at a Catholic summer camp by one of the male counselors. This all, of course, explained, why he was imprisoned later in life for distributing/disseminating child pornography--and is now a registered sex offender...
Now that he is out of prison, he is seeing a state-provided "therapist" and this was the "realization" that has resulted.
Of course, this is all bullshit. I don't believe that he was ever an alcoholic but, he now believes that he is--along with the molestation story... It's a great excuse for someone living in a state of denial...
I am convinced that his entire story was hypnotically implanted in his mind by the (likely) corrupted therapist...