Monday, November 21, 2016

Pizzagate Once More

Hillary and her inner circle are evil, that is hard to deny. Still, I would caution against jumping to conclusions about Pizzagate.

There are a few emails that specifically discuss children and I think those should be followed up by local authorities. But all the codespeak about pizza and pasta and other food items might have a different, if not innocent, connotation.

There is the distinct possibility that food references concern narcotics. Illicit drug consumption is certainly more popular than pedophilia and the law of averages might muscle in on this. Given the number of people referenced, the odds are good that at least a few of the people mentioned might be consuming something in secret. I am not trying to spread a counter-rumor but narcotic consumption would be more likely than the conclusion others have jumped to.

I am also skeptical of the number of women who are linked to this rumor campaign. Pedophilia is still largely a male activity despite the emergence of public school teachers with an appetite for adolescent boys. Those stories make the national news but women have a lot of catching up to do, if that is their objective. On the other hand, women consume licit and illicit drugs at about the same rate as men.

Tunnels and secret rooms might facilitate the consumption of non-food items. At least two of the people mentioned are notorious for their mood swings and erratic behavior. That might be more indicative of drug consumption than sexual perversion.

It is conceivable that the codespeak involves something perfectly legal but not something political strategists want to share with the outside world. Just in case one's emails fell into the hands of say, Julian Assange. Google is pulling Pizzagate vids from Youtube and that might just be to protect themselves from lawsuits. Or it might indicate something more sinister.

For now, Pizzagate is not going away. #PIZZAGATE: 7 Bizarre Factoids Even the Most Skeptical Should Know

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