Saturday, November 5, 2016

Peace Of Mind

For about a month I put my life on hold and did Internet research. Blogs, Twitter, Youtube, Wikileaks, DC Leaks, Judicial Watch, Guccifer 2.0, anyone referring to themselves as Anonymous, Alex Jones, the British tabs, the Russian Times...anything beyond the US media "echo chamber" as George Soros himself described his Frankenmedia. I was at times anxious and at other times, depressed. Now I have peace of mind.

I believe that if the elections were on the level, Trump would win by a substantial margin. Of course, Hillary, Soros, the Saudis, et al, will try to steal the outcome and they might succeed. There is the chance that the Never Trumpers might yet tip the scales for the Plutocrats, Still, I have peace of mind.

A post I wanted to write a few months ago never got written but it has been written by the world and the unfolding of events. I was going to pose the question, is the Trump campaign all about Trump or is it part of a larger movement? Recently, I learned that it is the latter. This is an ongoing battle pitting the ruling class and their lackeys against the peasants who choose not to be anyone's boot licker. This clarity contributes to my peace of mind.

Donald J. Trump, my fifth or sixth or seventh favorite presidential candidate, has emerged as a heroic figure of folkloric proportions. I say this as someone who disagrees with building a physical wall, who thinks NAFTA is a good thing, who sees cheap Asian labor as something mutually beneficial to both Asians and Americans and who believes that Americans benefit when the Chinese manipulate their currency. With our stated ongoing disagreements, I recognize that Donald Trump loves America and I believe he will always pursue his country's best interest. Such cannot be said about Hillary Clinton.

Substantively, Donald Trump reminds me of an old time Democrat. Yes, I might have philosophical disagreements with the old time Dems but all in all, they were good people. If we lost an election to them, we lost an election. We did not lose our country. The old time Democrats would not give George Soros or ISIS or Cuba the time of day. Times change and so too did the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is hopelessly corrupt and the GOP is almost as bad. Donald Trump has spearheaded a "Drain The Swamp" movement. I cannot think of a more worthy cause.

My peace of mind comes partly from the inspiration of Donald Trump. I have never seen anyone fight like this man. He did not have to weather the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune but he boldly did so. Unlike most people who earn a fortune, he did not turn his back on America, the American people or the system that allowed him to prosper. Unlike the oligarchs, he did not try to saw off the lower rungs on the ladder.

Donald Trump declared the existence of a rigged system but it took Julian Assange and Wikileaks to confirm it beyond a trace of doubt. If you are of the opinion that Assange did not deliver a bombshell, you have not been paying attention. Wikileaks proved among many other things that Obama was complicit in Hillary's espionage, Hillary knowingly and willingly accepted money from ISIS financiers. Hillary is in the pocket of George Soros. The American news media is more corrupt and more complicit and more brazen in advancing a partisan agenda than even the most cynical conspiracy nut could ever fathom. Hillary rigged, yes rigged, the Democratic primaries...and that is just the tip of the sewage iceberg.

Julian Assange confirmed what we knew all along, that we held the moral high ground. That is mostly what gives me peace of mind. Win or lose, we will have done all that we could do and we, the anti-Hillarys, will have done the right thing. Every criticism of Donald Trump is specious, superficial or both. Hillary, on the other hand, provides a fruited plain for the planting of legitimate criticism. For starters, she is a habitual criminal. Unlike Al Capone or John Gotti or Lucky Luciano, Hillary Clinton has committed espionage against America. There is real vice here. Hillary voters will have blood on their hands and they know it.

May God bless Donald Trump!

May God bless Julian Assange!

May God bless everyone who bothers to pay attention and votes accordingly!

There are still heroic figures in this world willing to stake everything on moral principle. That gives me peace of mind.

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