Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Name Change

The Worldsbiggestloser has gone into retirement.

The tongue in cheek self-deprecation no longer serves me.

On a cosmic, law of attraction/self-actualization theme, I don't think it's beneficial to refer to oneself as a loser.

I adopted the original moniker in a period of despair. In every fact of life, things were going poorly. My state of mind has not generally been dependent on shifting political winds. When I was already in a funk, the Obama phenomenon pushed me to despair. It is still demoralizing to witness people whom I have respected all my life go Jonestown for a silly, vapid caricature of a Leftist politician. The Kool-Aid has gotten sweeter over time, or so it seems from a non-guzzler.

I never liked politics but somehow I fell through that looking glass. Barack Obama is more frightening now than he was eight years ago. He remains our only unvetted president. That is perfectly A-OK with his goose steppy followers. For the rest of us, it is creepy. It is Jonestown creepy. It is Body Snatcher creepy. It is Walking Dead Creepy. It is Obotomy Creepy. As with Alzheimer patients, Obama worshipers are the people we once loved, but they are not the people we once loved. Be kind and loving and don't rearrange the furniture more than you have to.

BOSurvivor supplants Worldsbiggestloser. The loser has accrued a few personal and political victories in the last eight years. Surviving the stench of BO is not a trifling matter. We endured gaslighting, brainwashing, thought control and the constant, constant, constant charges of bigotry. If we tried, we could never concoct a storm of hate speech to match the quantity and toxic quality of the hate Obama's acolytes have spewed at us. We have survived and we have prevailed.

We can pile on when it comes to the deficiencies, abuses and widespread corruption of the Obama Administration. We will be paying off the national debt for the rest of our lives at the tune of six figures per taxpayer. Those material things might be easier to forgive than the damage Barack Obama inflicted on the spirit of America.

We are a hopelessly divided nation. The reason for the great chasm is the Democratic Party's adoption of the Alinsky playbook. The Obama Administration made Alinsky mainstream. It is now the norm for the compassion-loving Left.

Saul Alinsky advocated the shunning of rational discourse and rejected the very premise of truth. Attacks should be personal. Obama's minions took his message to heart and every disagreement with a not-great-by-any-standards president was based on racism. Hillary Clinton, also a student of Alinsky, expanded on the strategy, maliciously attacking friends and associates of a deceased Jewish man named Andrew Breitbart for being anti-Semitic. She also coined the term Basket of Deplorables, and did all she could to falsely link her opponent to white supremacists.

Hillary Clinton might have expanded on the Alinsky model but it was Barack Obama who brought the chronic petty bitterness into the mainstream. It wasn't radio shock jocks with references to bodily functions who coarsened our culture. That distinction belongs to Barack Obama and his thuggish followers. The noxious miasma of BO will linger long after he has gone (assuming he goes) but we will muddle through the ordeal.

We survived BO. I survived BO. That is something to celebrate. Hello BOSurvivor.

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