Sunday, November 20, 2016

Is Pizzagate For Real?

I thought the innuendo involving the Clintons and child trafficking/child abuse, etc., was a little too sensational. Assange already exposed Hillary and her fellow gangsters for dozens and dozens of serious crimes, including bribery from the financiers of ISIS (by Hillary's own admission). The evidence for espionage and influence peddling, perjury and obstruction of justice is overwhelming. Slam dunk in basketball lingo. We don't need to jump to wild conclusions about what might be code speak.

Having said that, though, I did previously post that one of these emails should have been investigated by local authorities. That is still my position but I have not followed the Pizzagate chatter any further. David Seaman is a little more grounded than say, Alex Jones. I like Alex Jones and let's face it, he was more honest and accurate than the MSM for the duration of the election cycle, but he is not known for his skepticism either. David Seaman voicing this opinion makes me sit up and take notice.

 I hope Pizzagate is bogus but let's keep an open mind on the subject.


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